A Little Helper


This little darlin' is Daisy Mae. She is our 6 month old newcomer. She seemed to find her way here in Aug...the hottest month ever. Ofcourse we had to bring her in or she would have died in that heat. That's what I told hubby. He just rolled his eyes and sweetly welcomed her to the fold. He was really hoping she would be a he, and that he could stay outside and mouse. HA! The minute I saw that face I knew it was a little girl and that Daisy Mae was her name.

As you see, she is a great help with the decorations. Here she is sleeping in the bag of ribbons. What a great helper. 
Tomorrow my dear friend Lori is coming for a visit. We are planning our cookie baking menu for Monday. Ofcourse we'll be digging out our family favorites and maybe adding a couple new ones.
I'll share a few of them with you tomorrow.

Hope your day is going well,
Much love,

Decorating Our Christmas Tree


Our big tree is done. Decorated with all 50 and 60's ornaments and garland. I even found the real metal tinsel.
I wanted this tree to be something that would bring a smile to my husbands heart. He was so darn cute teaching our son the how to of 'tinsel tossing'.

When I was a child, my Grandparents lived in Florida. So far away from us...
 Grandma would spend all year making beautiful Christmas ornaments. She'd send them off right after Thanksgiving. My sister, brother and I would stare out the window..waiting for that brown UPS truck to pull up. We'd run about screaming and jumping for joy as box after box was brought to the house!

In those boxes where loads of presents...already wrapped with bows (slightly mushed from the trip) and all ready for placement under the tree. 
Another box would hold the wonderful ornaments that she had spent so much time on.
The pin and sequin ornaments, like the one in the previous picture, were my favorites.
The sparkle when the light hit them was mesmerizing.

I can't imagine all the time and love Grandmother put into them. And every year she would send us more. We had boxes and boxes stored in the attic..but sadly, the years and the weather took there toll on them...none could be saved. I was so heartbroken.  I made it my mission to find these beautiful ornaments that had been made by other's hands. I wanted just a little piece of Grandma with me at Christmas. 

Now our tree is full of old blown ornaments from Germany such as the one above..

sweet little felt ornaments...

And the beautiful pin and sequin ornaments like Grandma made.
This gaudy, over decorated tree brings a smile to our hearts every time we look at it. 
I'm sure Grandma would be pleased.

I hope your decorating is going along happily.
Much love,

I Am Here...Really I Am..


Hello my dears!
Yes, I can hear you all asking..'Where have you been'. Well..the past couple of months have held some upending family events, and rather then sharing them on the blog I decided I was going to take a break and deal with things personally.

Growing up as a small family of 5 in northern Minnesota, family issues just weren't discussed with friends or outside family members. It just wan't the way things are today...as my son says 'your junk stayed in your trunk'.

But now...I'm back and just in time for my favorite season..CHRISTMAS

Starting tomorrow I'll share some wonderful recipes and loads of pics of our holidays decorating. Today I'm off gathering evergreens and bringing up boxes of decorations...have a wonderful day everyone!
Thank you all for checking up on me while I was gone.

Much love,

Love the holiday graphics...go ahead and take them.  Have fun. 

Texture Tuesday


It's Tuesday again and that means texture time! This week Kim asked that we use the word Gratitude and 2 textures. This was a pretty easy one for me....I live on a farm but I don't 'farm' in the real sense of the word. We leave that up to the hardworking real life farmers that bust their butts everyday.

    I first ran an antique overlay action on the picture...then added Kim's texture 'stainedlinen' on overlay at 100%. I then added another of Kim's textures 'fall in'. This was added on multiply at 60%. Pretty easy one this week...but I really liked the affect.

Taken from the car window heading to the flea market. :)

Have a great day everyone.


Texture Tuesday


It's once again Texture Tuesday at Miss Kims Place. This week was simple...any texture on any picture..

I ran a Nelly Nero action called Bobby Dazzler first. Then I used Kim's thursday texture,
on vivid light at 45%. I then used another texture of Kim's, sweettart on overlay at 50%.
And finally I added a warming filter to it

I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day!
Much love,

One of my Favorite Books and A Quick Crock Pot Recipe


YaaaHHoooo for 'Back To School'....and the wonderful colds that kids bring home.

Yup...been down with the worst cold ever..Taylor and I both. We should own stock in cold medication..
we've purchased so much of it this past week. 

While in bed feeding the cold and starving the fever...or is it feed the fever and starve the cold?
I picked up some of my old favorites....this is probably the one go-to book that I pick up the most.

Your House, Your Home by Randy Florke's and Country Living.
He is simple, straight forward and loves farmhouses as much as I do.

He has a wonderful way of using what's already in a home...and making it work for your personal style.

He shows you how to use the simple antiques that you already own.

Or how to use the new treasures you pick up...

He shows you how to live in your old..or new home with your own personality.

Those are my fingerprints....this book it dog eared, written on (my fav's that I want to keep track of)..and as shown...finger printed.

THAT is what makes for a great book. :)


If there is anything I hate worse then being in bed with a cold...having to COOK!

This is a simple recipe that tastes great and can work with any schedule. 

Easy CrockPot Chicken

4-boneless, skinless chicken breasts 
1 cube butter
1 clove garlic minced
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp flaked parsley
1 TB minced onion
1/4 tsp garlic salt

Place chicken in crockpot, Put butter on top. Add garlic and seasoning to taste. Cook on low for 4 hours or on high for 2 hours or till tender.

I used tenders instead of breasts...and some sage instead of the garlic salt. I also like to toss in a chicken bouillon cube. You can add or delete any of the seasonings...it's that simple.

I apologize for not having some pictures of the finished chicken.
 Hubby and son got to it while I was having a sneezing attack in bed.

We had a salad and a fresh loaf of bread (thank goodness for bread machines)
with this.

Any chicken leftover makes wonderful chicken salad. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

much love,

Texture Tuesday


It's Texture Tuesday again over at Miss Kim's Cafe.
This week we had to incorporate 'DO' into our work.

Here's the picture before...

The flower was a bit dark ..so I bumped up both the brightness to 130 and the contrast to 90.
That really popped out the flower, and faded the background.
I then used texture 'autumn' on overlay at 100%
The text is called Cartar.
Finally...I thought it needed a sweet boarder.

Have a great week!

Much love,

Fun Pictures of Home Stuff


The weather is just perfect here in Iowa. Not to hot..not to cold...mid 70's. No clouds...a very slight breeze....the perfect Fall day.

The junkin' purse has been a little empty the past few weeks...so needless to say, I've been a very good girl shopping wise....UNTIL.

My ironstone love took over. Yup...why fight it...I know it's better to let it have it's way then try to refuse it. 

So this little pitcher is now mine.(the large one in the front) Oh yes, I hear it all the time from hubby. What do you need another pitcher for....yada yada yada.

Anyhoo...back to our beautiful weather...I promise it has to do with the pitcher.

Sooo...not really knowing where this lovely was going to live, I just sat it down on the table...not even giving it another thought. But while walking into the kitchen, the light shone on the pitcher so beautifully! I just had to grab the camera and shoot it.

I was running around all morning grabbing stuff to use in front of the window for pics....

A stack of my favorite plates...

An old bird's nest that I keep in the French bird cage...

Old mismatched silver that we use everyday...

I love the patterns on them....

That was my afternoon...capturing that beautiful Fall sunshine.
I have way more pics, but I don't want to bore you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

Texture Tuesday


Boy am I late today...had a power outage this morning. Wouldn't have been bad...but coffee couldn't be made, that makes for a cranky Mom.

Here's my Texture Tuesday pic..

We used 'CrackerJack' this week. I used it on Burn at 75%. 
I then dropped that color down and bumped up the light just a bit.

Super easy one this week. :)

The brush was also done with 'CrackerJack'.

Much love,

Just can't do it...and a GIVE A WAY to Mention


Hello my dears...just a quick pop in. I have to admit it...I have an addiction. 
Not the kind you think...but an addiction to paper. Yup. Can't help it.
I LOVE the smell of a fresh magazine. And when a new book arrives in the mailbox...I get the shakes.
My daughter has one of those new fangel reading machines...kindle..or kigles....
Anyhoo..I just can't get into it. Nope...I tried..I tried really hard. 
But it just isn't the same.

The smell, the feel....the sound of turning the crisp page. OOhhhh...
So magazine publisher's...never fear...you will always have a true heart paper lover fan here in the Midwest...so keep those printers running my friends!

I also wanted to mention that my dear friend at 'A sort of Fairytale' is have a wonderful give a way!!
So please stop on over. She's a delight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Much love,

Lovin' Those Old French Towels


I get so many questions about the French towels I sell..that I thought I'd answer a few of them here.

Yes, I do use the same antique french towels that I sell in The Primitive Home.

They are the only towels I use. I have them everywhere. 

This stack is used in the powder room.
I use them after bathing and I keep them by the sink for hand drying.
Linen towels soak up water better, and they dry faster.

These towels are piled on a huge platter and kept by the kitchen sink. Easy to reach...for little hands too.
Another question was on caring for old linen towels.

I wash all of my kitchen towels together.
They are washed on warm, with very little soap and no fabric softener.

I try to always hang them outside to dry. The sun whitens them and they smell so good when they are dry.
I do not use fabric softener because I believe it breaks up the linen fibers and makes the towels weak.
The same goes for bleach. I NEVER use bleach on my towels. 
I DO add a cup of vinegar to each load. This helps to soften them, and it helps to clean them.

I also keep this old egg basket filled with towels and napkins. 
The towels are used for table runners, or as curtains. Because I live in the country I don't worry about anyone peeking in my windows, so one towel pinned to a window is just right for a fresh simple look.

I always keep my linens out. They get rotated so all are used.
I do not use paper napkins. I always set the table with either the linen napkins, or 
the larger linen towels if we are having a large meal. 

The towels are very generous in size and can also be used as place mats.

Don't be afraid to use old linen. I find that my old French linen towels out last any new towel I've ever bought...
even the high dollar towels don't match up. 
So maybe you pay a little more for the french towels...but I promise you, you'll end up paying more in cheaper towels that just won't last as long.

If taken care of properly, old French linens will last a life time.

That's my 'love a fair' with old french linens...once you use them...you too will never go back to your old towels.  :)

Have a great weekend!

Much love,

The beginning of Fall....REALLY


Why is it that Summer goes so fast? Winter seems to linger forever...but Summer....Summer is gone in a wink of an eye.
I do have to admit it's really hard to even think of Fall with temps soaring in the 90's this week.
The ONLY evidence of it's arrival is the slight color change happening in our Maple trees.


I picked up the book yesterday that came with my camera...
So with such a beautiful day of sunshine...and the light play coming in the windows, I tried to take advantage of it. 

 This beautiful flower is called 'Lime light'. It is the most intense shade of green in the Spring and Summer, and then it changes to these perfect shades of pink. Sooo pretty, but a slow grower and one plant that I've had to baby for 3 years now. 

Mother nature is just the best gardener....I mean, look at those perfect petals..and colors.

My father in law has the biggest 'Snowball' bush you've ever seen. Mom never had to baby that shrub... in fact, for YEARS they tried to kill it...but every Spring it came back..bigger then the next year.LOL
Poor Mom...she'd curse at that shrub like a mad woman... 

Heaving pruners around her head like a lasso... and with a flash, those pruners where just a whirl..
Mom cussing and mummblin' to herself the whole time.

Then sudden quiet. Not a peep....till the hum of the lawn mower...

Mom was just 4' 7" and didn't weigh more then 90lbs wet.
But when she was in a fit..that woman could become a 300 lb grizzly bear.

That poor lawn mower would groan and spit as Mom worked her way thru that 'ol shrub.
pieces shooting out the side. God forbid you were just a passer by on the sidewalk. 

Then just as quickly as it started..it was done. Mom would come up the porch chatting about the weather...talking as if nothing had ever happened. Not a word said about the shrub...

Mom passed away 3 years ago.

Today...Dad and the shrub have come to a mutual understanding. He doesn't mess with it...and in return, the shrub produces the biggest and most amazing flowers I've ever seen.
I'd like to think that Mom and the shrub have finally become friends.  :)...

Much love,


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