A little Smile....


With the news of yet another huge storm heading our way...18" they say...I was just so tickled to wake up to a pretty little pop of color in my living room. This little Impatient is living in a container of ferns that live outside during the Summer. This past Summer it lived under the back porch window box that was brimming with these wonderful Impatients, and I guess it decided to share it's beauty with the fern. It just goes to show you that nature is the best gardener ever. As a well known painter used to say....'there are never mistakes..they are just happy little surprises'. And what a great way to begin a day so full of white!

I hope you find a little smile today in your world. :)

Thank you..


I know this blog is just beginning...but I hope to fill it with bunches of fun posts...so thank you for visiting and I hope you get a brief glimpse at my life. Sometimes it's nice to see the people behind a business. :)

What is your favorite thing to collect. I do have many, but I think the one I enjoy most is fabrics. Even though I didn't start sewing till my late 30's...I have always loved fabrics. I think it goes back to when I was young. My Mom sewed alot and fabric was stashed all over her sewing room. I loved looking at the stash she had, never organized..but in a very artful way, nestled like a big bag of candy. All the colors seemed to mix together. I loved feeling them...so soft and simple looking even though some of the colors where very bright. Going into a fabric store now brings me back to those days. It's just a warm and comforting feeling I get.

What makes you happy?


I get SUCH a high when I'm out junking. I mean my tummy gets butterfly's and my head starts swimmin'. Oh what a feeling....better then any coffe buzz! So I just can't wait to add these new goodies to Our Shop. I always say that 'these are my favorites'..until the next time I go out and find more things I like better.LOL
I watched 'American pickers' yesterday...that's what brought this on. My favorite show. I told hubby that's was what I wanted to do when I grow up. Just hopping in the truck and taking off.... not knowing where we're going...just looking for the perfect junkin' place. I love hitting the antique stores, but my real love is those dirty out of the way places where stuff is piled high and you have to dig through everything. Oh ya...that's my favorite. :)

Winter Is hitting Hard Outside...But Inside...


That's what the 'ol weather man said it was last night. BRRRRR.....
But inside it's nice and toasty. I've decided to lighten up a bit...in decorating and in paint colors.

After living in this little farmhouse for 3 years now, it seems that it has told me exactly the way it would like to be decorated. I've been living 'Primitive' all this time with the dark woods and dirty colors... but it seems that I'm bringing in more and more 'cottage' goods and many gallons of paint in chipper yummy colors.
Loving  the cottage style is not something new for me. It was a style I enjoyed before I was into the primitive look and I had collected many cottage goodies during that time. Most items have since found new homes, except for one piece that has always had my heart. It's a floral painting I purchased many years ago.

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