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I get SUCH a high when I'm out junking. I mean my tummy gets butterfly's and my head starts swimmin'. Oh what a feeling....better then any coffe buzz! So I just can't wait to add these new goodies to Our Shop. I always say that 'these are my favorites'..until the next time I go out and find more things I like better.LOL
I watched 'American pickers' yesterday...that's what brought this on. My favorite show. I told hubby that's was what I wanted to do when I grow up. Just hopping in the truck and taking off.... not knowing where we're going...just looking for the perfect junkin' place. I love hitting the antique stores, but my real love is those dirty out of the way places where stuff is piled high and you have to dig through everything. Oh ya...that's my favorite. :)
So how do you junk shop? I buy only what makes my hearts go crazy. Some gals shop for a certain style of items....me, it's just what I like. I can walk into a place and my eye goes right to it. Hubby gets so upset with me when we're at the flea markets. I walk the whole place scanning...then I hit it again with just the places that I've marked in my head. LOL...it doesn't give him much time to do the kind of shopping he likes to do. The box diggin. He likes the little stuff.... he's under the table going through the boxes that haven't been put on the table yet. We've atleast learned what the other likes...so when we do find something for the other person, we can pick it up.

So, with MORE snow falling today, I'm off to box orders and later I'll add some of these great goodies for you. I hope your day is wonderful...and full of sunshine.

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