Winter Is hitting Hard Outside...But Inside...


That's what the 'ol weather man said it was last night. BRRRRR.....
But inside it's nice and toasty. I've decided to lighten up a decorating and in paint colors.

After living in this little farmhouse for 3 years now, it seems that it has told me exactly the way it would like to be decorated. I've been living 'Primitive' all this time with the dark woods and dirty colors... but it seems that I'm bringing in more and more 'cottage' goods and many gallons of paint in chipper yummy colors.
Loving  the cottage style is not something new for me. It was a style I enjoyed before I was into the primitive look and I had collected many cottage goodies during that time. Most items have since found new homes, except for one piece that has always had my heart. It's a floral painting I purchased many years ago.

 I remember finding it in a little out of the way junk shop, stuffed way back in the farthest room. I stood staring at it for a long time...mesmerized by the beautiful details and the wonderful style of it. Once we got it home, hubby made a wonderful primitive style frame for it. It's not perfect...but it seems to fit the picture.
  It has lived in our bedroom for 3 years now because it just didn't fit in with the primitives. And then one day, I was looking at it  and I remember becoming very sad. I was sad because I wanted to bring it into the living room to enjoy...but it just wasn't going to belong with all of the dark primitives....and then, it hit me.

WHY on earth was I living in a home where I couldn't enjoy a picture that I really loved. That was it....I decided I was going to decorate the way I wanted to. No single style. I figured I could mix the primitives I loved with long as I really loved it. So, the picture  moved into the living room....and many of the primitives have found new homes. I've also painted the rooms in a yummy creamy white that definitely brightens up the space. It's slow going as I'm decorating with ONLY items that really move me. It's a bit differen
 t then pulling a room together because of the style. Like searching for red ware because it's a primitive and goes with the room. I never bought them because I liked them. Isn't the terrible...buying goods only for the fact that it made the room. And I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that decorates that way. That's the reason I've started the we, together can get out of our decorating rut...and transform our homes into little pieces of heaven where we can smile every time we walk in.
Well, I hope I've hit an emotional nerve with you...and that you'll return. I'd love to know what you think on this subject. Let me know. :)
So, till next time,
Really look long and hard at your home. Is it a place that makes your heart go pitter patter...and do you LOVE everything in it??
Thanks for stopping by.

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