OH..to have GREEN Once Again..


If your ichin' for just a HINT of the pretty stuff as much as I ....well then...maybe these will help those Winter Blues.

It really will be here sooner then you know. :)

Decorating White....HHmmmm


 I've carried this magazine with me since 2002. It's the Jan issue of Country Living...and in it is a story of Nancy Fishelson  and her beautiful home. Since then Nancy has been featured many times, and every time I salivate while looking at the pictures. I've finally decided to lighten up this year, and have chosen Nancy's home to copy.LOL  OK..so it won't look just like it but I plan on having the basic 'look' of it. I think it's really a style anyone in any home can achieve. Simple white and clean. Just look at these pictures and tell me what you think.

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