Decorating White....HHmmmm


 I've carried this magazine with me since 2002. It's the Jan issue of Country Living...and in it is a story of Nancy Fishelson  and her beautiful home. Since then Nancy has been featured many times, and every time I salivate while looking at the pictures. I've finally decided to lighten up this year, and have chosen Nancy's home to copy.LOL it won't look just like it but I plan on having the basic 'look' of it. I think it's really a style anyone in any home can achieve. Simple white and clean. Just look at these pictures and tell me what you think.

Such a simple subway tiles, a unfussy shower curtain, a very economical pedestal sink...and toss in a few antiques, white towels and you have this look. Beautiful

I love this look, but I'm not real sure about the tub in the bedroom. I will admit, it does feel very lodge like. The decorating is once again very easy to achieve.

I love how bright this kitchen is. Not sure where you keep the 'stuff', but it sure looks clean doesn't it?

I do love all the light she achieves in her homes. Look how simple she keeps the window coverings. Love that.

THIS is the best tub ever! What can I say about this simply speaks for itself. :)

A pretty old farm table with newer chairs painted in a beautiful gray paint with the matching hutch or cabinet. This is an easy one to achieve I think.

Nancy just has such a way of putting antiques, textiles and flowers together. It really is all about texture.

Later I will copy and show you the pictures that started this whole love of  'Nancy style'...that's what I'm going to call it.LOL I hope she doesn't mind.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Nancy if your new to her style, visit her blog. It's wonderful.


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