Still Thinking 'White'...


I pulled these from my 'LOVE IT' file. These were love love when I saw them. :)
let me know what you think. make sure you click on them to make them bigger.

I'm still wavering on the 'All White' thing...even though I adore these, I think I'd have to do my own thing and POP a little color in there. Maybe an old chippy Aqua colored table instead of the white one.

I do love the white slipcovered couches....just whip those babies off to wash. Maybe some blue and white or old red and tan ticking pillows for color?

I see old floral paper covered boxes in place of these....YA.

I have a real thing for mercury glass. The more worn the better...I have just a few pieces but I'm always on the lookout for them. I add some pretty light pink candles in them. (wink)

This says it all...just adorable.

That etched glass is just crazy beautiful! But give me a little color here!

This is my bed! No..really..I have this bed! I purchased it at a great antique mall for $125.00. It's my favorite piece. If a tornado came calling..I'd drag that thing down to the basement with me!

I finally found out what those silver things are...they are antique meat covers. :) 

Painted floors are so cool...but I'm really not sure how well they are to upkeep.


I'm on the hunt for those metal chairs. BEAUTIFUL but crazy expensive. I'll find them yet. Airn't those lights wonderful. I'm really thinking of changing our dining room light to 2 smaller ones.

I have the white paints out today. Since it's STILL cold here, I think I'll do a little painting.

Have a great day all!
Much love,


Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


I've been in such a fog that I completely forgot it was Tuesday! So I'm adding this post with my textured pictures...yes I said pictures. I have had SO much fun playing with them that I just couldn't decide on one single pic to here they are.


Feeling Under the Weather so Please Enjoy The House Tour

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 10 years ago and it has since been a constant part of my everyday life. Unlike some, every joint is affected and hurts everyday. I don't have 'flare-ups'....the pain is constant. It has now affected my jaw mainly on the right I am once again spending most of days at the Dr's trying new meds to, hopefully, slow down the process.  I am developing the well known arthritic hands. They are ugly..they hurt and yes, I do cry. 
I'm not telling you this for pity....I came to terms with it a long time ago...and as you see it really hasn't slowed me down. I run a business, I run a house and I run our farm. I just do it a bit slower then most. :)
I share this with you because I know that I'm not alone. I received an email from a gal that just learned she also had RA. She was so scared and sad and needed someone to talk to about it. She also was young and was terrified that she had to live with this her whole life. She was so happy to find out she wasn't alone..that someone understood the emotions and the pain she was going through. I didn't realize how wonderful it was for the both of us to share.
My point is that we all have crosses to bare and that we are not alone. You don't need to live in silence, share it and maybe you can help another.

Now, with that being said, I'd love to share this great little cottage with you. It's exactly what I'd want if I had my dream place...a little cottage on the lake. Jane Coslick is a wonderful designer...enjoy

pictures courtesy of Jane Coslick

Kitchen is the heart of the home



Happy Good Friday all! This weekend I'm planning on doing some Spring cleaning and a little freshing up in the kitchen. A coat of paint and a good scrub will do wonders. So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite kitchen pictures. I find myself leaning towards white or light colored me it just looks so much cleaner.

LOVE the farm sink and cabinets! dream, a huge 2 oven stove. 

Love everything about this kitchen...the subway tile is so inexpensive but it looks very expensive and chic.

I adore a huge island for prep and gathering.

How cute and cottage is this. You can take an 'ordinary' kitchen, add the things you love, and WOW a insant  beautiful kitchen just full of charm.

The shelf about the sink is so simple and perfect for those little knick knacks that seem to get lost elsewhere.

I really do love small kitchens, easy to move around in and everything literally at your fingertips.
I do however hate stainless appliances. I know...I hear the booing...but after having some, they are so hard to keep clean and my OCD was going nuts trying. I LOVE white...clean looking and easy to clean. :)

Love the kitchen cupboards here. What A super cute idea.. shelf above the stove. A place we usually never thing of decorating.

This is my dream kitchen. Love everything here. I love dark against light...the texture of the woods against the white. Makes my heart sing.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Maybe a couple of these will inspire you this weekend.

Till next time grab a gallon of paint and get to work. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room!

Go To the Store For Eggs....NEVER!


I never thought about the eggs I bought at the store....they were just another thing I put in the cart and checked off my list. But after having my chickens for 4 years now...and seeing the beautiful eggs they give us,  I believe it's really a miracle how an egg is made.

A chicken can lay an egg every 24 hours. Age, season, stress and molting can slow egg production down. My girls molt(lose their feathers) in the Fall, but I do have a couple odd balls that molt in Winter. We have our hen house insulated and heat lamps on all Winter. I wanted to have little chicken sweaters made for them...but hubby thought that was a silly idea. WHY?  Cats Dogs and even ferrets have sweaters...why not my chickens?? Right? Wouldn't that be a sight to see...a bunch of chickens out in the field wearing pink striped pull overs. :)

Back to egg production. If your interested in how...please visit here. It gives a short description on the production of an egg and each part of the hen.

Remember Miss Cally and her white bullet shaped eggs...well here's the proof.

OUCH.. right??

I get a nice assortment of eggs now. My first chickens where Rode Island Reds and Americana's. I still have 2 of each. They are my old girls and still lay. The rest of the girls are an assortment of endangered species.
These green eggs are from my last 2 Americana's. Isn't is cool how each chicken can lay such a different egg? One is almost a Robins egg blue and the other a greenish color.

It is true, each girl lays a different color, shape and style of egg. and ALWAYS lays that kind of egg all her life.

These 2 brown eggs are spotted. The large egg is from 1 of my old Rode Island Reds. Her name is Lucy and her eggs have always been spotted. The smaller egg with a ton of spots is from a Partridge Rock named Tilly. And yes, every egg she lays is just as spotted as this one. 

Isn't this awesome! Now why would anyone ever want plain 'ol white eggs from the store when you can enjoy all these lovelies? It is also true that fresh eggs taste better then store eggs. Just give them a try and judge for yourself.

I hope I've inspired you to look at your eggs a little differently now. If your interested in purchasing Fresh eggs, check out your local farmers market or online. If you live close to me, I'd be happy to share with you.

Till next time take a good look at the foods your eating...are they REALLY fresh??


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