Go To the Store For Eggs....NEVER!


I never thought about the eggs I bought at the store....they were just another thing I put in the cart and checked off my list. But after having my chickens for 4 years now...and seeing the beautiful eggs they give us,  I believe it's really a miracle how an egg is made.

A chicken can lay an egg every 24 hours. Age, season, stress and molting can slow egg production down. My girls molt(lose their feathers) in the Fall, but I do have a couple odd balls that molt in Winter. We have our hen house insulated and heat lamps on all Winter. I wanted to have little chicken sweaters made for them...but hubby thought that was a silly idea. WHY?  Cats Dogs and even ferrets have sweaters...why not my chickens?? Right? Wouldn't that be a sight to see...a bunch of chickens out in the field wearing pink striped pull overs. :)

Back to egg production. If your interested in how...please visit here. It gives a short description on the production of an egg and each part of the hen.

Remember Miss Cally and her white bullet shaped eggs...well here's the proof.

OUCH.. right??

I get a nice assortment of eggs now. My first chickens where Rode Island Reds and Americana's. I still have 2 of each. They are my old girls and still lay. The rest of the girls are an assortment of endangered species.
These green eggs are from my last 2 Americana's. Isn't is cool how each chicken can lay such a different egg? One is almost a Robins egg blue and the other a greenish color.

It is true, each girl lays a different color, shape and style of egg. and ALWAYS lays that kind of egg all her life.

These 2 brown eggs are spotted. The large egg is from 1 of my old Rode Island Reds. Her name is Lucy and her eggs have always been spotted. The smaller egg with a ton of spots is from a Partridge Rock named Tilly. And yes, every egg she lays is just as spotted as this one. 

Isn't this awesome! Now why would anyone ever want plain 'ol white eggs from the store when you can enjoy all these lovelies? It is also true that fresh eggs taste better then store eggs. Just give them a try and judge for yourself.

I hope I've inspired you to look at your eggs a little differently now. If your interested in purchasing Fresh eggs, check out your local farmers market or online. If you live close to me, I'd be happy to share with you.

Till next time take a good look at the foods your eating...are they REALLY fresh??

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  1. I LOVE farm fresh eggs! I was part of an organic farm co-op where we got fresh milk, butter, cream, I could watch my side of beef grow til it was butchered, I loved it! But it got to be kind of cost prohibitive as far as my hubby was concerned! I sure miss it...fresh feta cheese, too. One day, Miss Paula, I will have me some chickens, goats, a lovely large organic garden, and a divine flower garden!! One of these days!!

    You cracked me up with your comment about my trunk!! LOL!! Sure wish we were neighbors! We'd have a ball! Love your suggestion, too! Still mullin' over exactly what I'll do with the trunk, but I think it is going to be a combo of some of the ideas!!

    Hugs to you, gal!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!!
    I get to announce the winner tomorrow!!
    HOW FUN!!



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