Meeting a Few of my girls...


Yesterday I finally received my new toy...a Nikon D40. So instead of taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and cleaning the gardens...I ran around playing. I was taking pics of everything. This is Miss Cally. She's a Buttercup. A little chicken that lays white eggs....well actually her eggs look like little bullets. I hurt for her every time I gather one.LOL

This is our darlin' rooster Jorge'. He's Americana..beautiful isn't he? 4 years old and can be mean as a wild pig. He's sneaky and will only attack you when you have your back to him. Yup....he's a tough one but he takes very good care of the girls.


And I think this just about says it all. It's been one of those days.
So Friday I will be sharing at A Rosy Note and will learn how to use this new toy of mine.

Good bye little Kodak. Sweet dreams...I've finally grown up to a big camera.

Have a grand day today.


  1. YAY!! A Big Girl Camera!! I want one, too! My little Powershot is on it's last legs!! One of these days! A friend of our dropped off his camera tonight for me to play with for a couple of days!!! It is a Nikon D3100. It's awesome! Maybe one day I'll be a big girl, too!
    You girls are adorable!! :o)

  2. Hello,

    You have a beautiful blog! I'm so happy I stumbled upon "Junk to Joy" which led me to your site :-) I can already tell it's going to become very popular! I hope to eventually lead a similar farmhouse lifestyle with my family. We're starting small by planting a little garden this year. Maybe someday we'll get to chickens...

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Christie!
    I'm So happy you found me. :)
    I'm sure we'll be great friends!!!
    Living on our farm has been the best thing we have ever done. The lifestyle is SO much different then city life. And when you get those chicks, you just holler..I'll give you all advise I've learned.
    Take care!!



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