Saturday is Pie Day...and Warm Weather


After a few weeks away from here, many things have happened. First is SPRING! Beautiful green grass...the singing of birds and the soft clucking of my girls under the open living room windows.

Today is Saturday and my favorite day of the week. Upon rising I put on the coffee and my favorite apron. I have 4-5 that I rotate. Funny thing happens when you stick one of those old aprons's like you've been beamed to an earlier time. The breeze smells a bit fresher...the grass a bit softer and time slows down to a snails pace. Saturday is pie baking day. There is nothing that makes you feel center and calm then having your hands full of apple juice and flour with your favorite apron on. Making an apple pie from scratch is so easy to do and comes out so yummy. Even a beginner can look like a pro when you serve a home made apple pie to your loved ones.

So with the pie in the oven and the clothes on the line drying, I've sat down to post a few of my favorite finds.

First fab find is the new book 'Romantic Prairie Style'. It was a long wait(months) but it was So worth it! The homes in it are so clean and fab! My style for sure....simple and sweet. If you've not sat down with a cup of coffee and lingered over this one yet, then hop on over to the link I provided and pick yourself up a copy. A few of the gals that I follow have their homes included in this book as well! trust me, it will be one that I will pick up over and over again. :)

That's what's on today's 'Must read' list. For the 'Must Watch' today I've got to tell you it's hands down, Miss Oprah in 'Oprah Presents Master Class' on her OWN channel.
It was on last night and I just couldn't turn away from it. Not only is she completely open about her life, but she gives SUCH wisdom. She calls herself a 'teacher' and I do believe she has the utmost right to do that. Some of the things she says is so inspiring....I woke up feeling renewed today. Honestly, if you love her or not, you must watch this show. It will make you do a 'ah Ha'. Promise.

Have you seen 'Extreme Couponing' yet....OMG..It was nuts! Really fun to watch and very inspiring, but just a little more into saving then I care to be. BUT, I must admit that I have now jumped on the band wagon, and am doing the whole couponing thing. Yup...picked up a new coupon holder called the 'Couponizer'. It looks really cool. I've signed up for the Sunday paper..and found a great site that puts it all in perspective.
I swear, if this site doesn't make you want to grab your scissors, then I don't know what will. I spent the whole evening on this site. It's wonderful! So with coupons in hand, and a plan for the store, I'm ready to shop for the first time(sing this to Madonna's song like a virgin).
I'm realistic, I know that I won't purchase $600 worth of groceries for $5.00. but I do hope I can at least save 1/3 off our bill. I think that real. So that's my goal. I'll keep you updated.

The pie is now out of the oven, and the Chicken Pot pie is almost I'm off to make a salad. Pictures and recipes to follow tomorrow.
Till later...slip on an apron and feel like a whole new person. :)

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