Still Thinking 'White'...


I pulled these from my 'LOVE IT' file. These were love love when I saw them. :)
let me know what you think. make sure you click on them to make them bigger.

I'm still wavering on the 'All White' thing...even though I adore these, I think I'd have to do my own thing and POP a little color in there. Maybe an old chippy Aqua colored table instead of the white one.

I do love the white slipcovered couches....just whip those babies off to wash. Maybe some blue and white or old red and tan ticking pillows for color?

I see old floral paper covered boxes in place of these....YA.

I have a real thing for mercury glass. The more worn the better...I have just a few pieces but I'm always on the lookout for them. I add some pretty light pink candles in them. (wink)

This says it all...just adorable.

That etched glass is just crazy beautiful! But give me a little color here!

This is my bed! No..really..I have this bed! I purchased it at a great antique mall for $125.00. It's my favorite piece. If a tornado came calling..I'd drag that thing down to the basement with me!

I finally found out what those silver things are...they are antique meat covers. :) 

Painted floors are so cool...but I'm really not sure how well they are to upkeep.


I'm on the hunt for those metal chairs. BEAUTIFUL but crazy expensive. I'll find them yet. Airn't those lights wonderful. I'm really thinking of changing our dining room light to 2 smaller ones.

I have the white paints out today. Since it's STILL cold here, I think I'll do a little painting.

Have a great day all!
Much love,



  1. paula... i'm in mad love with white... can't get enough of it.

    love this post... sooooo inspired...

    xxo, kim

  2. Hi Paula-found you on etsy and of course found your it and love your etsy shop. I'm heading back over there to place an order!



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