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Raining today, so I'm not able to take pictures of all the flowers I've planted in the past few days. So, I'll keep it simple...the house is in shambles as well. Getting everything ready for the weekend and the huge 'UGLY CARPET' party. Yup...this weekend it's happening..the stuff is finally coming up!! Wood floors here we come. 

So simple it is...I collect the graduating sizes of these great old plates. Not sure why I like them...I think it's because my Grandma had the dinner plates of this style. I'm such a sap.

Bet you can't guess my middle name.....I'll give you a starts with a 'J'. 

photos from edeco 

Linkin' up today with 'A Beach Cottage' and her 'Come Smell the Roses' party.

Hope these inspire you today. :)

Much love to all,

Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe and Hearts To Joplin


 Texture Tuesday challenge this week was to use the texture 'yeasteryear'...and I must tell you that it is one of my favs so far.

The Recipe
The first layer of 'yesteryear' was applied at HARD LIGHT at 58%
I then used the brush at 31% to take away on peonies and vase alone.
I then changed to a splatter brush 99 used at 10% and started scribbling around the center working out...leaving the outer edges alone. Don't be perfect...that's why I used the splatter brush.
A second layer of 'yesteryear' was applied at SOFT LIGHT at 48%
I then softened the hue to -42.
Again using a splatter brush at 30% I just touched the center of the peonies to bring out a hint of color.
That's it. :)

The storms this weekend were terrible. I was on pins and needles when they announced a tornado warning for our area. Luckily for us none touched down...but you could watch the storm head North of us. The bad part is the sheet of rain (hopefully you can see that in my pics) hides any tornado until the very last moment.

We may have been lucky, but Joplin wasn't. Our hearts and tears go out to the people there.


Much love to all,


Hookin' Up with A Rosy Note Photo Friday


Theme is White this week.... I added some texture for a little 'oomhp'. :)

Keepin' it short...hope everyone is well.
Loads of love to all,

White Wednesday


Today friends I'm hookin' up with Faded Charm for her 100th White Wednesday Post!
I'm also hookin' up with a beach Cottage!

These pics are full of everything I LOVE!
Ironstone, old buckets, balls of string, cute chicken things(smile), and old garden things.

The little chick pitcher I've had for about 14 years. I saw it at a flea market...on a upper shelf with just the beak peeking out from behind other goods. I  jumped for it. Don't get in my way when I'm junkin'. You won't win.

The little chicken egg cup is the only one I have, so he has a place of honer. The simple pitchers are a collection in the works. I'm working on finding all of the graduating sizes. I have 10 so far.

They are sitting on the very first cabinet my wonderful hubby made for me about 11 years ago. I painted it an  old blue color matched it to a piece of old trim board I had. I'll share that another day.

Have a great day everyone!
Much love,

Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Howdy everyone! It's Texture 'm linking up with Kim today. The theme this week is 'vintage'.

The picture is of a vintage wire baby bottle carrier I picked up this past Winter holding bottles I've had for over 20 years. I picked up a whole box of them at a garage sale for $1.00.  Auuhhh..the old days. :)
The Recipe
  'pourvous' 2 layers 1 layer 75% the 2nd at 15%...and a layer of 'lifesgood at 80%'. Brought down the color and also erased the 2 closest tulips, stems and leaves of the first 2 textures at 35%.

Keeping it short today..I've really been busy adding goodies to the store. I've had questions about the cup I used in the texture Tuesday a few posts back. I do sell it in my etsy store. 

Thank you for the emails and comments. Keep them coming!

Have a wonderful day friends!
Much love,

I'm Back..with Spring On my Mind


Well, you ask...'where have you been?'. We had the most beautiful weather....90* all week. So, I took the time to live outside. I weeded...weeded...and weeded some more. I cleaned out all the flower beds, burned the dry stuff that has sat all Winter. Tilled up our small garden plot in preparation of tomatoes and cucumbers
and I mowed. I tried very hard to keep up with the dandelions, but the heat and humidity where so constant that they grew ramped. Oh well, they won't be here long. 

The heat has also made the plants just explode!

The heat is most welcome....but now it's 61*. and that's warmest it's been in 3 days.
It went from 91* down to 31* and that does damage.

My poor Peonies took it hard. Just as they were starting to bud out....not sure if they'll make more, or will suffer this Summer because of it. I love really is the reason we moved out here. The garage  is surrounded with them as well a few tucked in the other garden beds. :)

This is what I call my 'Forest area'. It's about a 9' x 8' area in the shade and part shade. It has been my project for 3 years now...trying to plant under old cedar trees is not easy!

This Bleeding Heart is another plant favorite of mine. If only it would bloom just a little longer. 

And here is Emma. One of my Partridge Rocks. I really think that she believes she's a little person. Emma will find me no matter where I am, and follow me all over the yard. She has also been known to follow me into the house after I left the door open on accident.  She loves to get her back scratched...and her chin rubbed.

If There is one chicken I can recommend for the 1st time chicken's the Partridge Rocks. They are not shy...they are very curious, gentle and just plain funny to have around. They get very attached to their owners. :)

It's just a LITTLE windy here today This is my fuzzy 5 toe. I forget what bred she is...will look it up and let you know. They are related to the Americana's and have 5 fuzzy toes. Very shy.

Now I'm off to work on the etsy shop. I've also neglected that!

Hope everyone is well!
Much love to all


Ugly Green Monster...


we're talking floor here...

Not the jealous kind....I'm talking my old nasty carpet! That is why I don't take pictures of my's the monster carpet! I've hated it for 4 years....but have not been able to take it up till now!!

great ugly carpet

WOOHOO...and underneath is HARDWOOD!!! I'm dancing on the ceiling my friends! Our house is going to look like a whole new place when we finish them. Sorry for the bad pics, but hubby was just holding up a section so I could take a pic for you. :)

It looks like they were laid and then carpeted..there is no finish on them so hopefully, a little sanding and some stain...a few coats of finish and we will be done.
But here are a few pics of floor that I LOVE! So...maybe I'll have to do something different. HHmmmm...

Isn't this beautiful! Love the of my favorites..but I do love the painted look.

Isn't this pretty? 

Just a simple coat of white??

This one is just tooo fun!!! Thought I'd just show you it....I really could see a small room done like this. maybe a powder room or a guest room. :)

Hope your enjoying the new blog look. I love this new looks like some old wall paper.

Thank you everyone for your comments! The joy they bring me is overflowing....I'm so happy to have you share with me. Bless you.

Much love to all,


Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Today friends I'm hooking up with Kim for her 'Texture Tuesday'...and what a blast it was. We had to do a cup of coffee or tea. I used 3 layers on it...I hope you like it. :)

stained music
Ofcourse I had to make an apple pie to go with my cup of coffee. :) This was also 3 layers! TOOO fun!

sweet tart

And finally I just had to add a little color. It's SO cold here...37* right now. My lawn needs mowing sooo bad, but I refuse to go out there and mow in my Winter coat and gloves! Spring has to arrive some time right? Ya...knowing my luck, it's going to go straight into Winter again...yup miss Spring and Summer.....

As a footnote to the pictures, did I tell you that Miss Kim is the gal that helped me decide which 'big girl' camera to purchase. I had never met her before the panicked email I sent her (poor Kim..I can only imagine what she thought), I was SO confused after reading up on tons of cameras...So I figured that if anybody knew what I should get it was Miss Kim. So off went this crazy email...and she emailed right away!! I couldn't believe it!!! Not only did she NOT call me a stocker...but she helped me decide which camera would be best for me right now...and then what lens I should purchase as my funds became available...AND has emailed a few times since. Yup....Miss Kim is a true doll and someone I have tons of respect for! Thank you have a special place in my heart forever and ever. :)

Much love to all,


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