I'm Back..with Spring On my Mind


Well, you ask...'where have you been?'. We had the most beautiful weather....90* all week. So, I took the time to live outside. I weeded...weeded...and weeded some more. I cleaned out all the flower beds, burned the dry stuff that has sat all Winter. Tilled up our small garden plot in preparation of tomatoes and cucumbers
and I mowed. I tried very hard to keep up with the dandelions, but the heat and humidity where so constant that they grew ramped. Oh well, they won't be here long. 

The heat has also made the plants just explode!

The heat is most welcome....but now it's 61*. and that's warmest it's been in 3 days.
It went from 91* down to 31* and that does damage.

My poor Peonies took it hard. Just as they were starting to bud out....not sure if they'll make more, or will suffer this Summer because of it. I love Peonies...it really is the reason we moved out here. The garage  is surrounded with them as well a few tucked in the other garden beds. :)

This is what I call my 'Forest area'. It's about a 9' x 8' area in the shade and part shade. It has been my project for 3 years now...trying to plant under old cedar trees is not easy!

This Bleeding Heart is another plant favorite of mine. If only it would bloom just a little longer. 

And here is Emma. One of my Partridge Rocks. I really think that she believes she's a little person. Emma will find me no matter where I am, and follow me all over the yard. She has also been known to follow me into the house after I left the door open on accident.  She loves to get her back scratched...and her chin rubbed.

If There is one chicken I can recommend for the 1st time chicken owner...it's the Partridge Rocks. They are not shy...they are very curious, gentle and just plain funny to have around. They get very attached to their owners. :)

It's just a LITTLE windy here today This is my fuzzy 5 toe. I forget what bred she is...will look it up and let you know. They are related to the Americana's and have 5 fuzzy toes. Very shy.

Now I'm off to work on the etsy shop. I've also neglected that!

Hope everyone is well!
Much love to all


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  1. Hi Gal! Sorry about your plants. Especially the peonies. I sure hope they bloom and you take some awesome photos of them!!!

    Glad you got a lot done. We're waiting for this next grandy to be born. She is past her due date, and the three of them just moved in tonight, and will be here for the next couple of weeks. So I might not be around as much!!

    Hugs to you!

    Love those sweet chickens!!



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