In Need Of some Inspiration


Raining today, so I'm not able to take pictures of all the flowers I've planted in the past few days. So, I'll keep it simple...the house is in shambles as well. Getting everything ready for the weekend and the huge 'UGLY CARPET' party. Yup...this weekend it's happening..the stuff is finally coming up!! Wood floors here we come. 

So simple it is...I collect the graduating sizes of these great old plates. Not sure why I like them...I think it's because my Grandma had the dinner plates of this style. I'm such a sap.

Bet you can't guess my middle name.....I'll give you a starts with a 'J'. 

photos from edeco 

Linkin' up today with 'A Beach Cottage' and her 'Come Smell the Roses' party.

Hope these inspire you today. :)

Much love to all,

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