Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Today friends I'm hooking up with Kim for her 'Texture Tuesday'...and what a blast it was. We had to do a cup of coffee or tea. I used 3 layers on it...I hope you like it. :)

stained music
Ofcourse I had to make an apple pie to go with my cup of coffee. :) This was also 3 layers! TOOO fun!

sweet tart

And finally I just had to add a little color. It's SO cold here...37* right now. My lawn needs mowing sooo bad, but I refuse to go out there and mow in my Winter coat and gloves! Spring has to arrive some time right? Ya...knowing my luck, it's going to go straight into Winter again...yup miss Spring and Summer.....

As a footnote to the pictures, did I tell you that Miss Kim is the gal that helped me decide which 'big girl' camera to purchase. I had never met her before the panicked email I sent her (poor Kim..I can only imagine what she thought), I was SO confused after reading up on tons of cameras...So I figured that if anybody knew what I should get it was Miss Kim. So off went this crazy email...and she emailed right away!! I couldn't believe it!!! Not only did she NOT call me a stocker...but she helped me decide which camera would be best for me right now...and then what lens I should purchase as my funds became available...AND has emailed a few times since. Yup....Miss Kim is a true doll and someone I have tons of respect for! Thank you Kim...you have a special place in my heart forever and ever. :)

Much love to all,


  1. Wonderful composition and texture work here!

  2. I love all of that white! And LOVE those meat covers!!

    And your images are wonderful! I want that cup of coffee!! It makes me smile! No really...could I buy a 5 x 7 copy of it from you???

    Hope your week is going well so far! Mine is...just need some more time!!

    Hugs to you Paula!:o)

  3. Oh wow! Makes me want to have a hot cup of coffee right now...and a slice of pie:)

  4. This pie! This cup! these photos!
    I love all!

  5. Oh, what a neat cup and pictures!! I'd pull up a chair and devour a piece of that pie if I could! ..of course with a cup of coffee:)

  6. Love your cuppa! Saw it in Texture Tuesday.



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