Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe and Hearts To Joplin


 Texture Tuesday challenge this week was to use the texture 'yeasteryear'...and I must tell you that it is one of my favs so far.

The Recipe
The first layer of 'yesteryear' was applied at HARD LIGHT at 58%
I then used the brush at 31% to take away on peonies and vase alone.
I then changed to a splatter brush 99 used at 10% and started scribbling around the center working out...leaving the outer edges alone. Don't be perfect...that's why I used the splatter brush.
A second layer of 'yesteryear' was applied at SOFT LIGHT at 48%
I then softened the hue to -42.
Again using a splatter brush at 30% I just touched the center of the peonies to bring out a hint of color.
That's it. :)

The storms this weekend were terrible. I was on pins and needles when they announced a tornado warning for our area. Luckily for us none touched down...but you could watch the storm head North of us. The bad part is the sheet of rain (hopefully you can see that in my pics) hides any tornado until the very last moment.

We may have been lucky, but Joplin wasn't. Our hearts and tears go out to the people there.


Much love to all,



  1. Your photo for Texture Tuesday is fantastic! I'm glad to hear you weren't hit by the tornadoes - the pictures of Joplin that are shown in the news are really horrible!

  2. Your photo looks gorgeous. That has been one of my favorite textures so far too.

    I'm glad to hear everything was okay weather wise in your area...it has been very stormy around here too.


  3. Lovely...my heart is with you on the storms...

  4. I saw the destructions from news here in Finland, terrible. I love your peonies shot it is beautiful and great tasteful edit:)
    Have a nice week

  5. Lovely, just lovely!

    Yes, the tornadoes are horrendous and so very scary. My heart goes out to everyone too.

    I love your blog!

  6. Hi Sweetie! I am so thankful you are ok! And I adore your photo!! You do such a great job!! Wish I had more time to play with mine!!

    Listen, can I ask a favor? My best friend who moved a few months ago, just posted her first official post on her new blog! Could you take a few moments, and visit her...I know some visitors besides me would make her day!! Her blog address is: http://myroseyhaven.blogspot.com/
    She would love some other followers, too!

    Thanks, Paula!
    And thank you for your prayers and caring, fun ways! You are such a delight to me!!



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