Ugly Green Monster...


we're talking floor here...

Not the jealous kind....I'm talking my old nasty carpet! That is why I don't take pictures of my's the monster carpet! I've hated it for 4 years....but have not been able to take it up till now!!

great ugly carpet

WOOHOO...and underneath is HARDWOOD!!! I'm dancing on the ceiling my friends! Our house is going to look like a whole new place when we finish them. Sorry for the bad pics, but hubby was just holding up a section so I could take a pic for you. :)

It looks like they were laid and then carpeted..there is no finish on them so hopefully, a little sanding and some stain...a few coats of finish and we will be done.
But here are a few pics of floor that I LOVE! So...maybe I'll have to do something different. HHmmmm...

Isn't this beautiful! Love the of my favorites..but I do love the painted look.

Isn't this pretty? 

Just a simple coat of white??

This one is just tooo fun!!! Thought I'd just show you it....I really could see a small room done like this. maybe a powder room or a guest room. :)

Hope your enjoying the new blog look. I love this new looks like some old wall paper.

Thank you everyone for your comments! The joy they bring me is overflowing....I'm so happy to have you share with me. Bless you.

Much love to all,



  1. Hey Gal! I say stain and seal them in a natural color!! That's my vote! Although I do love the white! I am thrilled for you! In our old house we had gold 60's sculptured pile carpet, and it took like 12 years to get rid of it!! We were soooo happy to see it go on the garbage truck!!

    You didn't mention whether or not I can get a 5x7 of that photo!! Please, please, please??? It's just for my personal pleasure, and will go on my inspiration board in my creative space!!

    Hugs to you!
    I am so glad we are blog friends, now, too! What a joy!

  2. Uhhh...missing you on here! :o)



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