Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Hello friends...after missing last weeks Texture Tuesday..I was in need of a texture fix. I had a blast working on these yesterday...texturing is so calming for me...and better then pulling weeds. HA!
We were to work with her texture 'golden'...and friends..this is a really pretty one. I think it's one of those textures that you can use with any picture. I used it with all of these.

First I needed to do a bit of adjusting on the picture before adding the texture.
I went into 'levels' and did 'auto' 
I then went into 'photo filter' and added  warming filter 85
Layer one of 'Golden' was added on Vivid light at 19%
Layer two of 'Golden' was added on Multiply at 31%
Layer three of 'Golden' was turned on the diagonal on Soft Light at 20%
I love turning the textures on the diagonal..it puts the texture in different areas...fun.

This big guy is our Lucky. We found him 12 years ago at 4 weeks old on the side of the road. We think he was the runt as one of his litter mates had already made it to the road and had been killed..he was alot bigger. 
Yup...he's a big one..weighs in at 23 lbs. :)

We are getting ready for next week...finally the refinishing of the floors. Waiting for hubbies vacation has been long. I've been going nuts with my house in shambles...can't find anything and I can't decorate. :(
Soon.....just a little bit longer. 
Just cross your fingers friends...Hubby hasn't done this before, and he's one of those macho guys that DOESN'T read directions. Nope...can't even ask for directions if he's lost. He'd rather drive around for hours..waste gas..and mumble 'I think it's this way' till I get so frustrated that I make him stop so I can ask for directions. Yup...should be fun right?? LOL

Am I expecting this to go smoothly.....nope. So get ready for tons of pics and alot of curse words. I shall  use beeps in place of them. :)

Have a great day everyone.
Much love to all,


Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


It's Texture Tuesday...and I'm adding this cool pot of flowers. I potted all of my flowers this year in old zinc buckets. The look is awesome!

'Stainedlinen' at 43% on soft light
removed with brush at 38% all flowers and bucket
'Stainedlinen' turned diagonal at 74% on soft light
toned down to a very soft color

Well, that's it for today. Busy working on the shop..adding some new French towels!
Take a peek if you get a chance.

Much love to all,

Beautiful Living ..In White


It is amazing how you can really look at a room in a whole new light when it's empty. Our farmhouse is tiny, so when we moved in, furniture was placed and I've not moved it. It all seemed to just 'fit'...so for 4 years everything as been so. But now that the house is in an uproar, and the rooms empty, I've got new decorating thoughts running mad through my head. I was even up late last night drawing furniture placement plans. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you today...and I do have to apologize in advance. I pulled these from my 'love love' file..so not sure to who I should give credit to. I do know that they have come from some of my favorite Swedish, Dutch and German blogs. Thank you for having such wonderful inspirational photos! 

Make sure you 'click' so you can get all the good details. :)

Boy do I love the unfinished look of this chair. Sure saves on recovering it.

I also picked up a few can of white paint in assorted shades...

Since we've decided to not paint the floor, maybe I could paint a table with the diamonds? My coffee table??

Much love to all.

The Peonies Are Blooming..


Yesterday was my babygirl's 22 birthday and she decided to spend it with me. :)
We did nothing but sit and chat all day....it was wonderful. She's not been home since Christmas...so this was very special for me....to WANT to be with her  'ol Mom. Ya...warm fuzzies. :)

She was outside for awhile spending time with her brother when she came walking in with these feathers in her hand. As she was handing them to me I swear I could see her at 4 years old with those pigtails handing me the flowers she just picked from the neighbors garden. Where has the time gone. I was so tickled...I tucked them in the peonies. She smiled real big, and I think she was skipping as she went out the door once again.

The house is in a total wreak while we work on the wood floors, I decided I needed some pretty.
I hung up the new Pottery Barn curtains ...love them...but I have no rods yet, so I just strung them on wire...good for now. I also threw some old linen sheets over the chairs..and some of my new French grain sacks. I'll be using these to make over the chairs(a post for the future) but for now I think they look great.
 I then picked arm loads of my peonies. I placed most of the white ones in the old green tin sap bucket. The smell is SO intoxicating! .

It's amazing how just a few things can pretty up a place. Just putting a old tin can full of wildflowers in a room can add instant beauty. Mother nature is so darn smart. :)

I'm also linking up with Faded Charm and white Wednesday!

The sweet lighthouse is an old wirlygig...so darn cute but hard to decorate with..

Hope everyone is well.

Much love,

Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Well friends, today is Texture Tuesday again and today I've done just as the picture states.

It was so fun following this little guy around the cat mint trying to get just the perfect shot. I believe I took about 20 shots of him. I don't have a telephoto lens yet..so yup..I was about 2" away.LOL  Luckily he didn't mind and went about his way as usual.

This has just one layer of Kims new texture 'subtlyyours' at 100% on soft. Then I just took a little away from the bee so he really popped out. The words seems just perfect to me.

Hope you are all well.

Much love,

Ugly Green Monster...taking it up - Part 1


I NOW have hardwood floors! YAHOO!! This is the ugly stuff from the diningroom. This carpet was so heavy. Hubby and I couldn't even pick it up...we had to drag it out with the tractor.

That pile in the middle...is all the dirt that was in the rug and padding. ICKY! No wonder I blew through 2 carpet cleaners in 4 years!!

Some pet stains...but not to bad. I love the different woods they used.

This little section in front of the bathroom was finished at one time..and the bathroom sink was in this little spot. There are a couple of holes that they used that expand foam to fill...we will have to make some plugs for them.

This is looking at the other end. Not too bad hay?

So after taking out all of the staples and stripping along the edges, we are ready for the prep work. 
With hubby working 14 hour days, we knew this would have to be done in stages.

Next stage, sanding and filling. I really can't decide if I want to leave all of the original gaps and holes in the wood, or fill them. I really love the all natural look...warts and all, but hubby is pushing to fill them.

Hope everyone is well. 91* today. Thank goodness for central air. :)

Much love to all.


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