Beautiful Living ..In White


It is amazing how you can really look at a room in a whole new light when it's empty. Our farmhouse is tiny, so when we moved in, furniture was placed and I've not moved it. It all seemed to just 'fit' for 4 years everything as been so. But now that the house is in an uproar, and the rooms empty, I've got new decorating thoughts running mad through my head. I was even up late last night drawing furniture placement plans. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you today...and I do have to apologize in advance. I pulled these from my 'love love' not sure to who I should give credit to. I do know that they have come from some of my favorite Swedish, Dutch and German blogs. Thank you for having such wonderful inspirational photos! 

Make sure you 'click' so you can get all the good details. :)

Boy do I love the unfinished look of this chair. Sure saves on recovering it.

I also picked up a few can of white paint in assorted shades...

Since we've decided to not paint the floor, maybe I could paint a table with the diamonds? My coffee table??

Much love to all.

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