The Peonies Are Blooming..


Yesterday was my babygirl's 22 birthday and she decided to spend it with me. :)
We did nothing but sit and chat all was wonderful. She's not been home since this was very special for WANT to be with her  'ol Mom. Ya...warm fuzzies. :)

She was outside for awhile spending time with her brother when she came walking in with these feathers in her hand. As she was handing them to me I swear I could see her at 4 years old with those pigtails handing me the flowers she just picked from the neighbors garden. Where has the time gone. I was so tickled...I tucked them in the peonies. She smiled real big, and I think she was skipping as she went out the door once again.

The house is in a total wreak while we work on the wood floors, I decided I needed some pretty.
I hung up the new Pottery Barn curtains them...but I have no rods yet, so I just strung them on wire...good for now. I also threw some old linen sheets over the chairs..and some of my new French grain sacks. I'll be using these to make over the chairs(a post for the future) but for now I think they look great.
 I then picked arm loads of my peonies. I placed most of the white ones in the old green tin sap bucket. The smell is SO intoxicating! .

It's amazing how just a few things can pretty up a place. Just putting a old tin can full of wildflowers in a room can add instant beauty. Mother nature is so darn smart. :)

I'm also linking up with Faded Charm and white Wednesday!

The sweet lighthouse is an old darn cute but hard to decorate with..

Hope everyone is well.

Much love,

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  1. made me tear up with this post! And then made me drool over those peonies!!!

    Glad you had some great time with your girl! I had some with my 23 yo 2 days ago, and it was fun!! She lives with me, but we seldom get time by ourselves. We made the trip to Hobby Lobby...hadn't been since March-April. FUN!!

    Love ya always make me smile! As I've said before...wish we could be neighbors!!



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