Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe


Hello friends...after missing last weeks Texture Tuesday..I was in need of a texture fix. I had a blast working on these yesterday...texturing is so calming for me...and better then pulling weeds. HA!
We were to work with her texture 'golden'...and friends..this is a really pretty one. I think it's one of those textures that you can use with any picture. I used it with all of these.

First I needed to do a bit of adjusting on the picture before adding the texture.
I went into 'levels' and did 'auto' 
I then went into 'photo filter' and added  warming filter 85
Layer one of 'Golden' was added on Vivid light at 19%
Layer two of 'Golden' was added on Multiply at 31%
Layer three of 'Golden' was turned on the diagonal on Soft Light at 20%
I love turning the textures on the diagonal..it puts the texture in different areas...fun.

This big guy is our Lucky. We found him 12 years ago at 4 weeks old on the side of the road. We think he was the runt as one of his litter mates had already made it to the road and had been killed..he was alot bigger. 
Yup...he's a big one..weighs in at 23 lbs. :)

We are getting ready for next week...finally the refinishing of the floors. Waiting for hubbies vacation has been long. I've been going nuts with my house in shambles...can't find anything and I can't decorate. :(
Soon.....just a little bit longer. 
Just cross your fingers friends...Hubby hasn't done this before, and he's one of those macho guys that DOESN'T read directions. Nope...can't even ask for directions if he's lost. He'd rather drive around for hours..waste gas..and mumble 'I think it's this way' till I get so frustrated that I make him stop so I can ask for directions. Yup...should be fun right?? LOL

Am I expecting this to go smoothly.....nope. So get ready for tons of pics and alot of curse words. I shall  use beeps in place of them. :)

Have a great day everyone.
Much love to all,



  1. As usual, they are awesome, Paula! My fave is the first one!! It just says "Paula" to me!! :o)

    Yep...got one of those hubbies too!! Wouldn't trade him for anything, though! He has put up with me for 32 years!!

    Love ya! Big hugs!

  2. LOVE all three, but I especially love the simplicity of the first one - lovely! :)

  3. hi Paula..... i just love the simplicity of that sweet blue bowl... just the perfect amount of texture.... wonderful work!! xxo, kim

  4. hi there...i just want to let you know how incredible the blue bowl shot is!! love it! i did not join in this weeks texture tuesday, but am just visiting a few and was drawn to the bowl....

    have a nice day,

  5. I absolutely love the simplicity of the blue bowl. Just goes to show that less really is more! The texture is very skillfully applied too - beautiful work!



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