Ugly Green Monster...taking it up - Part 1


I NOW have hardwood floors! YAHOO!! This is the ugly stuff from the diningroom. This carpet was so heavy. Hubby and I couldn't even pick it up...we had to drag it out with the tractor.

That pile in the all the dirt that was in the rug and padding. ICKY! No wonder I blew through 2 carpet cleaners in 4 years!!

Some pet stains...but not to bad. I love the different woods they used.

This little section in front of the bathroom was finished at one time..and the bathroom sink was in this little spot. There are a couple of holes that they used that expand foam to fill...we will have to make some plugs for them.

This is looking at the other end. Not too bad hay?

So after taking out all of the staples and stripping along the edges, we are ready for the prep work. 
With hubby working 14 hour days, we knew this would have to be done in stages.

Next stage, sanding and filling. I really can't decide if I want to leave all of the original gaps and holes in the wood, or fill them. I really love the all natural look...warts and all, but hubby is pushing to fill them.

Hope everyone is well. 91* today. Thank goodness for central air. :)

Much love to all.

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  1. YAY!!! I know you are so glad to take that up!! And I know it will be fabulous when you are through with it!! Can't wait to see it all!

    Love ya sweetie! You're a joy!!
    Have a blessed Sunday!



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