Floor Interrupted


I know I was suppose to write about staining the floors yesterday, but after a whole week inside, I just had to get outside and play in the sun! I'm a Summer child and being outside is what I love most. Ok..so I did do a bit of weeding..the veg garden was being overtaken. 
Man was it a hot one too. Heat index of 116...so while I'm asweatin' and weedin' I see a hint of red.
NO! Can it be? It was...our 1st tomato!
I carried it right in and sat it in the place of honor...the kitchen windowsill.

I called hubby and son in....they 'oohed' and aawhed' for the proper amount of time...and then son chimes in 'is that it'?

Isn't it a beauty?? Granted, it's not all the way red...but it sure is close enough for me. And besides
that just means it can sit on the sill where I can enjoy it for a few more days. 


while I was in town I almost got rear ended  trying to get into the parking lot of Subway!
There was a whole cart full of the first of this seasons sweet corn.

Be still my heart. There is nothin' better....
I stuffed my bag as full as I could. HA...enough for a couple of days.


Soooooo, tomorrow I'll post about the floors. Right now I'm off to shuck some corn for lunch!

Much love to all,

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  1. That is a beauty for sure! Glad you got out for a bit! I need to! Only getting out I'm doing is to the stinkin' Dr. tomorrow to see what is going on with my tummy! UGH!! Not a fan of Drs. but know they have their place!!

    My hubby makes the most divine fried corn with onion, bacon, and little bits of jalapeno!! Just fry it up in a good cast iron skillet...YUM!!

    Hugs to you Paula! You coming down here soon to cool off?? We'd have a blast, you know?




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