Mrs CottonTail & Bad Storms


Mrs Cottontail is enjoying her 'after storms' morning snack in our back yard. Sorry for the pic...I am saving up for that new lens...(sigh).

What looks out of place here? You got it...that is how bad the winds were blowing.

Sent all of my chairs about 100ft...crazy right.
Poor flowers...hopefully they perk back up.

These storms have been nuts. After 100* temps for a week...and now these 'run to the basement' storms...I'm ready for some normal plain 80* days. Soon they say. 
Oh..a note on the extreme heat...we lost one of my girls from the heat. Never has that happened before. :(
We spent a couple of days putting up fans and spritzers in the hen house. Poor babies.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.
Much love,

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