New Care Taker of This Pretty Madonna & Child


Have you ever seen something and just knew it was meant to be yours?
This sweet figure is tiny...only 3" tall, but the detail is great. I fell in love at first glance. 
The gal I purchased it from told me her 84 year old Mother had found it while playing in the dirt as a child in New Mexico. Her Mother had passed 4 years heart felt such a need to have her. To keep her safe and some day pass her down in my family. 
She's not perfect...but for being at least 100 years old, she looks pretty darn good. 
I love her...and the story. I hope the gals Mom is looking down from heaven and smiling knowing that her little Madonna & Child is loved once again. :)

Hookin' up today with Faded Charm for White Wednesday and A Beach Cottage for Good Life Wednesday.

Much love,

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