Quick Storage Ideas I Love


I was flipping through my 'love, love' files this morning ...getting some ideas for stitching up some old grain sacks I picked up ...and while browsing, I found these pics of ideas that I really love.
This first picture has everything I adore in it. From the white couch to the dolly cart with zinc pots. I LOVE zinc...the more worn the better. I was lucky enough to find my first zinc pot in Illinois while junk shopping. I saw that worn finish from 2 rooms a way and made a beeline right for it. Closing my eyes, I wished the price to be one that I could afford....and 'Wala'...the tag said $3.00. I carried that little pot around with me all day..you'd think it was a prized jewel... 

I adore industrial anything...these cabinets are wonderful! I think I'd sit them on an old wooden table though...just for some contrast.

Isn't this just the cutest?? Boy could hubby stash alot of junk ..(I mean)..prized possessions..in them. 
Second thought...naaaww. I gave him 1 drawer in the kitchen.. which has now turned into 3. Can't even open one up without crap jumping out at you. OK..for example. I was looking for a screwdriver...open up the 1st junk drawer. It is SO heavy  from all the orphaned stripped crews, bent nails...and rusty bolts that it almost fell to the floor!  I found everything BUT a screwdriver...
A empty metal spool...wire long gone..
broken piece of lawnmower... which we no longer have..
a empty fish tank light bulb box?? ..haven't had fish in 15 years..
tractor pull tickets...little late to use them...4 years ago..

Anymore reasons needed?? Nope...the less drawers, the better.

I thought this idea was so cool! I keep flowers in the house all the time..and this has that industrial feel I like.
I do not own a real vase....I use anything that can hold water. :)

Be still my beating heart...chippy cabinets!!..like heroin to me...cabinets and chairs. Hubby says..'Why..ya only got one ass..' Ya know..after 24 years together I really had hoped that by now he'd caught on. 

Which leaves us to the reason I flipped through these in the first place. The grain sacks. 
I'm thinkin' bags for the laundry room...kids room. Yup, going to make them to sell in the store.
Why the store....because I live with 2 guys....this bag would be the last place they's toss their underwear. Lucky me gets to pick them up off the floor. :)

Better get somethin' done..hubby just walked in......with an ice tea for me..and I never even asked for one.
That, my friends..is true love. :)

Have a great weekend!
Much love to all,


  1. Hi Sweetie! I love it all...but then I knew we had pretty much the same taste for stuff!! :o)

    How are you? Good I hope! Things here are good...missing my Maddy~~she is up at my sister's having a blast! I am going to get her and visit on Thursday! Looking forward to that road trip!! Love the open road!

    Have a fabulous fourth dear one!



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