Refinishing Our Hardwood Floors Part 1


We have finally finished! Yahoo!! I won't be able to move for the next month..but it's finished.

Before we even started sanding we made sure we covered everything we couldn't take down.
If you think that you will not have are living in dream land.  You will have dust in every crack and hole it can find.
Make sure you cover all doorways..lights and anything you can't take out.

The dust just hangs on everything because it's so fine.

I should have covered the windows...but a good once over with the vacuum hose sucked it all up. I did how ever have to wash windows. A chore I hate with a passion. 

Dining room floor before 
I used muscles that I didn't even think I had anymore. Ouch...and it didn't help that the sanders were from the 1950's!! No joking...we named the big one 'Bertha' and her little sister 'Greta'. 

stains before
 I'm sure you remember what it looked like after we took out the carpet. Stains..but not to bad. 
There were a few that I wasn't sure we'd be able to get out. So we rented a belt sander and an edger.

living room beginning the sanding
 We started out with sandpaper grit 40. Pretty rough, but we needed it to take down the stains even though the floors had no previous finish on them. We then sanded them with 80 grit. I was a bit upset that we didn't have 120 to finish them with, so hubby went over them twice with 80. 

See Bertha in the corner?? And look at the huge extension cord! It was my job to hold that baby while hubby ran the was a pain in the neck.....and looked as if it had been sanded a few times before we got it. 

We started in the dining room where the damage was the worst. Here is hubby...never mind the baggy pants. There really is a butt in there....somewhere. :)

'Say Hello to my little friend' is Bertha! Yup, 1950's friends and SOLID steel.
As stated no never mind to hubbies 'ever so slowly' falling pants. this is a 'G' rated blog so there will be no cracks showing...promise. I deleted those photos....only after he made me. :)'s little sista! Yes I did run her.....but hubby took it away from me after she took off across the floor on her own and left a huge gouge in her path. There was much cursing done...I will not bore you with beeps. They would take up WAY to much space.LOL

Here's a little somethin' we learned. DON'T pull a hubby and be cheap on the sanding paper!
Change it...often, or Bertha will get mad and eat it! This results in the WORST noise, bit's of paper all over the floor and Bertha choking on some we missed, which resulted in spitting out boat loads of saw the point that we couldn't even see each other! 
Hubby kept emptying the dust bag....while I'm trying to tell him it's NOT the's Mad Bertha!!
This brings us to a MUST HAVE - face masks. Wear them.
And goggles.  I had sawdust in places where sawdust should never go. It was not a pretty sight.

After a full day of sanding, we finally have beautiful floors. The wood is so beautiful! Many maples, birch, a few walnut pieces....whatever was on hand at that time was used. And not a single nail. Can you imagine the work that went into laying them. 
Another note on this. We decided to NOT fill the holes and cracks. I loved the rustic natural look they had, and I wanted to preserve that. It may or may not be something you like, but it is a decision you need to make when you refinish your floors.

Well dears, this is the end of part 1. Tomorrow we'll move on to staining. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Much love,

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  1. Hi Gal! Your floors are absolutely gorgeous!! One day I hope to have an older home with original wood floors! What a delight and a wonderful pay-off for all of the hard work! I know you are both doing the happy dance...ok...maybe you're laying down and doing it in your head...LOL!!
    Hugs to you!!
    So delighted to have your friendship, Paula!!



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