Texture Tuesday and Refinishing Hardwood Floors


It's Texture Tuesday once again..and this week we had to use Miss' Kims texture 'Aurora'. I was out in the sweltering 100* heat picking these sweet wildflowers. They look like 'Queen Ann Lace' to me...and I'm sure they have a name..I just don't know it. 
No recipe today...first because it was so late last night that I was brain dead when I did this..and it was a long process. Sorry guys. :( 


On to refinishing the floors. I wanted to take a bunch more pics of this step, but you really have to be quick.

dining room

We did remove the vast majority of stains but there were a few stubborn ones that remained... so we chose a darker stain. 'English Chestnut' from Minwax.

I wanted a stain that would compliment the trim (which I really hate and want to paint...but hubby LOVES it and wants it to stay....can we say compromise?)  which has a golden tone to it..so I went with a bit of red in the stain to warm it up. I worked with a applicator on a long handle....an old plastic watering can is perfect for this job...poured some on..cut in the edges and away we went. I did small areas..about 4 x 4 . Hubby and son did the wiping up. Make sure you have tons of clean towels for this job. You will go through a bunch.
I picked up a pack of  24 cotton towels at Lowes for $13.18. There were nice and heavy ..don't get the wiping cloths..they are way to thin.

Make sure you have gloves, masks and footie protectors. Covering your shoes is very important ans get plunty. We used them for the first day after the poly dried. It takes a good week to cure and I didn't want to make any marks.

living room
I had read the reviews on this color..some say to do 2 coats. I didn't..and I don't think we needed to. The stain flowed so well and the guys did a wonderful job blending edges...there really was no need for a 2nd coat. We used just a bit less then 2 gallons. 1 gallon does 500 sq feet. If your not sure how to measure your sq footage. Measure the length and width and use this calculator.

The floor took the stain so well...doesn't it look wonderful with the different woods??
We gave the stain a whole day to dry. Our humidity was so high that even with the central air on..it took awhile.

Here are the floors after the 1st coat of Polyurethane.

We stuck with Minwax, and used Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Gloss.

I do wish we had gone with the water based polyurethane instead. I think it would have dried faster in our humility. It took over 8 hours for each coat to dry. 
A couple of things about polyurethane.
This I learned from my Dad. You will get bubbles in your finish. Not good.
Use a high quality sheepskin applicator making sure you vacuum it before using it. This will suck up any stray fibers that you don't want in your finish.
We used a refillable wooden head that we could put our long handle on, and replace just the sheepskin pad after each coat.
I cleaned nothing. I hate cleaning poly..so I purchased the head with replaceable pads.....easy peasy.

So here we are...a little over a week and the floor are amazing. The poly seemed to tone down a little of red in the stain...Oh, I forgot to add that we used a Gloss. I would probably go with 'Semi gloss' next time, but the high shine looks great and clean. Keeping it that way might be a chore.

Soooo..here is what they look like now...and ofcourse I can't just show boring floors! After so long with out any pretties..I had to decorate....just a few small areas.LOL

I had to show off my latest fine...a sweet enamelware french watering can!
Not for sale...nope this one is mine. YUP, even holds water.LOL

A little trick I learned for keeping your wildflowers from drooping.

Cut them and put them in water right away. In the house, fill your sink about 1/4- 1/2 way with the coldest water you can get. If you have ice cubes toss those in. Then just lay the flowers so the stems are in the water. I cut my flowers really long..it helps keep them fresh for cutting. Make sure only the cut ends are in the water and not the heads as well.
Leave them for at least 1/2 hour. You will see them perk right up. Give them a fresh cut and arrange them. This seems to help them last longer as well.

I will share more room photos with you after I get things where I want them...but for now I hope you enjoy the little snippets.

Thank you for your kind emails and comments. :)

Much love,

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  1. Beautiful texture tuesday submission!
    Yes I think it is Queen Anne's lace.



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