The Gardens and School Begins


I was outside earlier with the intent of taking pics of the Summer gardens....but...since no one but me seems to KNOW how to pull weeds....and I wasn't here to do it.....I can't FIND the gardens.

No..really. Not even joking. 
The weeds are almost 5' (yup..that's feet) high and trying to find a flower is like being in the amazon with a machete.
Don't believe it...I'll show ya. But for now enjoy the Spring garden....

it's prettier. :)

That little patch you see back there...that's my garden.
I can pack a lot in there. It has carrots, beets, 4 tomato plants and 4 different kinds of cucumbers 
morning glories !
Not the prettiest, but built with what we had to keep the girls out of it.
They LOVE eating tomato flowers.

It has officially started for me...the sign that Fall is around the corner.

School has begun. YAHOO...
For those of you that enjoy having your kids around....I'm so sorry for you, but please
take my son for a few weeks...and you'll get WHY I love school. :)

OK..OK...Boy am I going to get some crap over that one.(giggle)

Here he all his glory

our baby and NOW a senior this year...

Our son, Taylor!

I believe the picture says it all.

What a dork.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Much love,



  1. Funny! Did Taylor's foot heal ok?

  2. Hi Paula!

    Wow! Love your photos. You are surrounded with peaceful beauty!

    And Taylor! What a hoot! And handsome to boot!

    Our oldest went to public schools, but I am homeschooling Maddy. She is in 8th grade this year. Sooo weird. My little girl isn't so little!

    Have a happy day!

  3. Hi Paula...Didn't know if you made the's me aka *Caryldee* from etsy stopped by my blog (that I have been VERY absent from) Glad you are feeling so much stay well, now! And let me know on the next *coverlet* ;o) LOL Blessings!



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