I'm Home...YAHOO!!


Hello dear ones..I'm finally home from the hospital! It seems I had a deadly infection inside that expanded into my kidneys and my spleen....and THEN on top of it all I got shingles. NOT the outside kind...but the inside kind. So yes dears....I was a very sick girl  (as my Dr. said). 
But, with the grace of God, and my WONDERFUL 3 Dr's...I have made it through and am now home...with my feet up and laptop where it belongs....on my lap. It was terrible not having a cell phone or computer!LOL

AND while being away, I received a few boxes of goodies that opened as soon as I walked in the door! It was like Christmas!! Here are some pics of everything..
Above is just the sweetest tin crown that I purchased from 'The Beautiful Life'. 
It's a wonderful shop!! 

I melt for old French enamelware. 
This deep blue soap holder came from a very sweet gal in France. She is actually a military wife....and I always get such great stuff from her. :)

The old soap came from France as well...and it's a HUGE bar!! This baby will last us months!!

Don't you love the old jar?? It does have a very light lavender color to it due to age....which I really love!
Inside are more soaps from France....Jasmine...and BOY do they smell wonderful!

Yup...I snatched up these old twill binding rolls as soon as I saw them. The colors are yummie!

And finally...the best old candle holder from Italy. LOVE love the colors!!

And this baby is HEAVY!!

I just want to take a moment and thank all of you for your kind and caring emails and posts!! I'm so lucky to have you as friends!! Thank you, thank you. You will never know how much you mean to me. :)

I'm off to rest a bit...and then to answer emails! I have tons!!

Thank you again!
Life is SOOO wonderful!!!!
Love to all,



  1. Sooo glad to know you are doing better! Blessings to you!

  2. What delightful goodies! Love it all! And love most of all that you are back with us!! You were very missed!!

    Have a lovely Thursday, and take care of yourself!



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