What I've been up to....Canning Vegie's


The garden is growing like mad and I'm putting up jars of vegetables almost every day.

I love fresh green beans. They taste SO much better then the canned ones!

I usually cook up 1/2 lb of bacon, boil the green beans till tender.
Pour out all but 1 TB of bacon grease...add strained green beans and some chopped onion to the grease. 
Cook till onion is brown and beans are warm. Add crumbled bacon and serve. 
Sometimes hubby likes to add croutons. :)

Our neighbor grows the best sweet corn each year...
and each year they bring over a huge garbage bag full. 
We in turn bring them fresh eggs when they need them.
She likes to freeze her corn, but I just don't have the freezer space..so I always can mine.  

I cover the jars in plain 'ol wax paper.
It's cheap and always on hand.

Sure I could use some pretty burlap or linen..

but my main concern, and the only reason I cover them, is to keep dust and dirt off the lids.
I have found that dust tends to seep through fabrics and burlap...and that would be defeating the purpose.
Waxed paper is super easy to use, keeps the lids clean, and is easy to write on.

I always write either the date canned, or the batch number...1st, 2nd, 3rd..on the top of the waxed paper. 
We always make sure to eat the first canned. It's first canned, first eaten.

If you'd like, you can take your rings off before covering the jars. Rings do NOT have to be on the jars once they have been processed.
This makes it much cheaper to can....buying only the lids instead of lids and rings.

So that's what I've been doing....how about you?

See those tomatoes peeking out in the pic??
There are many more of those that you don't see...so I'm off to can some tomatoes.

Much love,

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  1. Hi Gal! You have been busy, huh? What a blessing to have such a bountiful harvest, and full pantry! Those beans sound amazing! I grew beans in my garden several years back and they are delish!!!

    Hope you are all better and having a good week!
    Hugs to you!



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