The beginning of Fall....REALLY


Why is it that Summer goes so fast? Winter seems to linger forever...but Summer....Summer is gone in a wink of an eye.
I do have to admit it's really hard to even think of Fall with temps soaring in the 90's this week.
The ONLY evidence of it's arrival is the slight color change happening in our Maple trees.


I picked up the book yesterday that came with my camera...
So with such a beautiful day of sunshine...and the light play coming in the windows, I tried to take advantage of it. 

 This beautiful flower is called 'Lime light'. It is the most intense shade of green in the Spring and Summer, and then it changes to these perfect shades of pink. Sooo pretty, but a slow grower and one plant that I've had to baby for 3 years now. 

Mother nature is just the best gardener....I mean, look at those perfect petals..and colors.

My father in law has the biggest 'Snowball' bush you've ever seen. Mom never had to baby that shrub... in fact, for YEARS they tried to kill it...but every Spring it came back..bigger then the next year.LOL
Poor Mom...she'd curse at that shrub like a mad woman... 

Heaving pruners around her head like a lasso... and with a flash, those pruners where just a whirl..
Mom cussing and mummblin' to herself the whole time.

Then sudden quiet. Not a peep....till the hum of the lawn mower...

Mom was just 4' 7" and didn't weigh more then 90lbs wet.
But when she was in a fit..that woman could become a 300 lb grizzly bear.

That poor lawn mower would groan and spit as Mom worked her way thru that 'ol shrub.
pieces shooting out the side. God forbid you were just a passer by on the sidewalk. 

Then just as quickly as it was done. Mom would come up the porch chatting about the weather...talking as if nothing had ever happened. Not a word said about the shrub...

Mom passed away 3 years ago.

Today...Dad and the shrub have come to a mutual understanding. He doesn't mess with it...and in return, the shrub produces the biggest and most amazing flowers I've ever seen.
I'd like to think that Mom and the shrub have finally become friends.  :)...

Much love,

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  1. Oh Paula,
    My Mom went home in 2004, as did my Dad a few months later. Weird thing, isn't it? It still seems kind of surreal to me.

    Love the story of the snowball bush. A sweet neighbor of ours at the old house had one that drove my hubby nuts!! It was right at the edge of our yard and he would whack at it every once in awhile! HA!!

    I adore your photos, and am "pinning" the last one to my vintage joys board at Pinterest!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! I'm going to be making more pumpkins, and goodies for the shop!!

    Hugs to you!



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