Just can't do it...and a GIVE A WAY to Mention


Hello my dears...just a quick pop in. I have to admit it...I have an addiction. 
Not the kind you think...but an addiction to paper. Yup. Can't help it.
I LOVE the smell of a fresh magazine. And when a new book arrives in the mailbox...I get the shakes.
My daughter has one of those new fangel reading machines...kindle..or kigles....
Anyhoo..I just can't get into it. Nope...I tried..I tried really hard. 
But it just isn't the same.

The smell, the feel....the sound of turning the crisp page. OOhhhh...
So magazine publisher's...never fear...you will always have a true heart paper lover fan here in the Midwest...so keep those printers running my friends!

I also wanted to mention that my dear friend at 'A sort of Fairytale' is have a wonderful give a way!!
So please stop on over. She's a delight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Much love,

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