Lovin' Those Old French Towels


I get so many questions about the French towels I sell..that I thought I'd answer a few of them here.

Yes, I do use the same antique french towels that I sell in The Primitive Home.

They are the only towels I use. I have them everywhere. 

This stack is used in the powder room.
I use them after bathing and I keep them by the sink for hand drying.
Linen towels soak up water better, and they dry faster.

These towels are piled on a huge platter and kept by the kitchen sink. Easy to reach...for little hands too.
Another question was on caring for old linen towels.

I wash all of my kitchen towels together.
They are washed on warm, with very little soap and no fabric softener.

I try to always hang them outside to dry. The sun whitens them and they smell so good when they are dry.
I do not use fabric softener because I believe it breaks up the linen fibers and makes the towels weak.
The same goes for bleach. I NEVER use bleach on my towels. 
I DO add a cup of vinegar to each load. This helps to soften them, and it helps to clean them.

I also keep this old egg basket filled with towels and napkins. 
The towels are used for table runners, or as curtains. Because I live in the country I don't worry about anyone peeking in my windows, so one towel pinned to a window is just right for a fresh simple look.

I always keep my linens out. They get rotated so all are used.
I do not use paper napkins. I always set the table with either the linen napkins, or 
the larger linen towels if we are having a large meal. 

The towels are very generous in size and can also be used as place mats.

Don't be afraid to use old linen. I find that my old French linen towels out last any new towel I've ever bought...
even the high dollar towels don't match up. 
So maybe you pay a little more for the french towels...but I promise you, you'll end up paying more in cheaper towels that just won't last as long.

If taken care of properly, old French linens will last a life time.

That's my 'love a fair' with old french linens...once you use them...you too will never go back to your old towels.  :)

Have a great weekend!

Much love,

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  1. *SIGH* They are becoming my new *one weakness*...;-)



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