A Little Helper


This little darlin' is Daisy Mae. She is our 6 month old newcomer. She seemed to find her way here in Aug...the hottest month ever. Ofcourse we had to bring her in or she would have died in that heat. That's what I told hubby. He just rolled his eyes and sweetly welcomed her to the fold. He was really hoping she would be a he, and that he could stay outside and mouse. HA! The minute I saw that face I knew it was a little girl and that Daisy Mae was her name.

As you see, she is a great help with the decorations. Here she is sleeping in the bag of ribbons. What a great helper. 
Tomorrow my dear friend Lori is coming for a visit. We are planning our cookie baking menu for Monday. Ofcourse we'll be digging out our family favorites and maybe adding a couple new ones.
I'll share a few of them with you tomorrow.

Hope your day is going well,
Much love,

Decorating Our Christmas Tree


Our big tree is done. Decorated with all 50 and 60's ornaments and garland. I even found the real metal tinsel.
I wanted this tree to be something that would bring a smile to my husbands heart. He was so darn cute teaching our son the how to of 'tinsel tossing'.

When I was a child, my Grandparents lived in Florida. So far away from us...
 Grandma would spend all year making beautiful Christmas ornaments. She'd send them off right after Thanksgiving. My sister, brother and I would stare out the window..waiting for that brown UPS truck to pull up. We'd run about screaming and jumping for joy as box after box was brought to the house!

In those boxes where loads of presents...already wrapped with bows (slightly mushed from the trip) and all ready for placement under the tree. 
Another box would hold the wonderful ornaments that she had spent so much time on.
The pin and sequin ornaments, like the one in the previous picture, were my favorites.
The sparkle when the light hit them was mesmerizing.

I can't imagine all the time and love Grandmother put into them. And every year she would send us more. We had boxes and boxes stored in the attic..but sadly, the years and the weather took there toll on them...none could be saved. I was so heartbroken.  I made it my mission to find these beautiful ornaments that had been made by other's hands. I wanted just a little piece of Grandma with me at Christmas. 

Now our tree is full of old blown ornaments from Germany such as the one above..

sweet little felt ornaments...

And the beautiful pin and sequin ornaments like Grandma made.
This gaudy, over decorated tree brings a smile to our hearts every time we look at it. 
I'm sure Grandma would be pleased.

I hope your decorating is going along happily.
Much love,

I Am Here...Really I Am..


Hello my dears!
Yes, I can hear you all asking..'Where have you been'. Well..the past couple of months have held some upending family events, and rather then sharing them on the blog I decided I was going to take a break and deal with things personally.

Growing up as a small family of 5 in northern Minnesota, family issues just weren't discussed with friends or outside family members. It just wan't the way things are today...as my son says 'your junk stayed in your trunk'.

But now...I'm back and just in time for my favorite season..CHRISTMAS

Starting tomorrow I'll share some wonderful recipes and loads of pics of our holidays decorating. Today I'm off gathering evergreens and bringing up boxes of decorations...have a wonderful day everyone!
Thank you all for checking up on me while I was gone.

Much love,

Love the holiday graphics...go ahead and take them.  Have fun. 


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