A Little Helper


This little darlin' is Daisy Mae. She is our 6 month old newcomer. She seemed to find her way here in Aug...the hottest month ever. Ofcourse we had to bring her in or she would have died in that heat. That's what I told hubby. He just rolled his eyes and sweetly welcomed her to the fold. He was really hoping she would be a he, and that he could stay outside and mouse. HA! The minute I saw that face I knew it was a little girl and that Daisy Mae was her name.

As you see, she is a great help with the decorations. Here she is sleeping in the bag of ribbons. What a great helper. 
Tomorrow my dear friend Lori is coming for a visit. We are planning our cookie baking menu for Monday. Ofcourse we'll be digging out our family favorites and maybe adding a couple new ones.
I'll share a few of them with you tomorrow.

Hope your day is going well,
Much love,

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  1. Hi Paula....love your blog....nominated you for versatile blogger award.



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