What could be Sweeter then a Hummingbird?


For the past 4 years we've not had much action with the Hummingbirds.. despite all the yummy plants I had planted it seemed we were destined to be Hummingbirdless. Then about 2 springs ago..this little guy moved in...and since it seemed that he was all alone, we really enjoyed the time he spent visiting the living room's window box.
Occasionally this Summer, hubby would make the observation that our sweet guy seemed to be a bit smaller or looking a little paler then usual. I was really concerned that our little guy was getting sick & didn't have much time left with us.

And then it happened....the real reason for the changes in him. 

It seems that our one little guy had suddenly turned into a little family man with a wife & 5 kids! This discovery was made yesterday while stepping outside to hang out clothes. It seemed I had interrupted their lunch time at the local saloon (our HUGE Trumpet vine).
I was so darn excited to see them! After hanging up the clothes, I sat ever so quietly on the swing & watched as our little guy coxed his family back to vine to continue what I had so rudely interrupted. 

I have never seem little baby hummingbirds before and I just couldn't get enough of them.
The parents would make these sweet little chirping sounds to the babies...and like a little parade..they would follow them in a little line all around the vine. Each little one would put it's beak in the same flower Daddy  did while Mommy sat on the clothes line observing. This continued for quite awhile till every flower had been touched at least twice by each bird.

Then, just as sweetly as they had arrived.. off they flew.. in that perfect little line out across the corn field till I could no longer see them.
I was so happy to announce to hubby that evening, that the reason why our little guy seemed to look so different, was because he WAS different!

From what I've learned about Hummingbirds, they will continue to bring their families to the same feeding spots and that their children will also bring their families!
So, it seems that our drought in hummingbirds has finally ended...and hopefully we will continue to see these darling birds multiply as the years go by.

Oh, just a side note...I do not have any feeders out for them. I did at one time, but it was never used. It seems that they would rather feed off all the flowers then a feeder.

Hope your enjoying the Summer.


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