Getting Ready for Christmas


I love flowers at Christmas time and...
Paper-whites are my all time favorites.

Easy to & toss away when they're finished.

I usually plant in a bunch of containers every 2 weeks to ensure blooms through the New Year as well.
You can plant 2 ways.
Placing them in soil or growing them in water. 
I usually grow in water...easy & I can keep them in control.

These bulbs are huge! Not like the kind you get in a 'kit' at the store.
I buy all my bulbs here. These are the best bulbs ever!

Growing Paper-whites in water is easy...but because they get long roots & lanky stems..they need some kind of root support. I choose gravel which hubby purchased for me at the Farm Fleet. 
It's cheap..$2.89 a bag and it's enough to do all 50 of my bulbs in an assortment of containers.
I always rinse off the's kind of muddy.
Place it in your containers and pack in your bulbs. Leave a bit of breathing room between them.
You want air to circulate around them to inhibit the growth of mold.
The bulbs do not need to be covered by the gravel..or soil if that's how you've planted them.
Usually 1/3 of the bottom in is all you need to cover.

Here's my secret for keeping the stems from becoming long & lanky.

I mix 1 part Rubbing Alcohol to 10 parts water in a large pitcher. 
Pour the mixture into your containers just to the bottom of the bulbs.
You do not want them swimming in water...they will rot.
I keep the water mixture in a large bottle...mark it if you have children...and use it when the water gets low.

Place them in a bright window & enjoy!
Soon you'll have pretty flowers.
I also cover the rocks with moss once they get growing.
It looks pretty & helps keep the water from evaporating so quickly.

Now I want to show you the prettiest sight ever!

Can you see them....look close... squint!..
Yup..there they are..
Bald Eagles! They were in my front yard...all looking so peaceful.
There were 3 adults & 2 young ones...the little ones have no white yet.
They sure were pretty & they stayed the whole day.
I didn't get a darn thing done either...Oh well. Laundry can ALWAYS wait. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,


  1. Hi Paula!! How ya doing hon'? And how did you know that I needed a lesson on how to plant these bulbs I just purchased??? Haha!! Planting mine according to your instructions tomorrow in some white ironstone!! Can't wait!

    And I can't believe you have a tree full of eagles!! We had a gorgeous hawk sit on out fence for a couple of hours this afternoon, but I didn't get a photo. Kinda concerns us because we have a small dog that is about 13 pounds...probably a good eating size for him!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday season, sweetie!
    Good to visit!

  2. I think this would be such a neat thing to do. Maybe for next year for me. Thanks for all the info.! I'll pin it if that's okay with you.



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