It Happened!! OMG..It REALLY Happened!!


All I want for my two front two front teeth. -
                    HOLD THE PHONE.....
          Wrong song...
                     I'mmmm  Dreaming of a White Christmas..
                     There it is.

Well...swat me with a pixie stick and call me Mrs Claus!

The weather man WAS right!

I guess 1 out of 25 ain't bad.

I ran around taking pics till I had no feeling in my hands.... In fact, I think my finger was frozen to the
'clickie' button..

Otherwise I'd be boring you with a BUNCH more pictures then just these little beauties

                                                  Aren't you the lucky duck today.

And to answer your question.. has put me in the Christmas mood.

...a little bit...

..not enough to spur me into decorating after I thawed out...
Nope.  It was mandatory that I watch my Vikings kick some butt in football..and later ..I cheered hubby's
Packers on. So you can see.. It was a action packed day today.
Maybe tomorrow.

Much love,


  1. Snow does make the Christmas mood easier!
    And oh so pretty to look at it.
    But I sure dont want to drive in it. :)
    Have a great week!

  2. I am dreaming of a white Christmas and I hope the snow will surprise us here in Toronto, too ...To me, somehow the holiday season seems more magical and gentle in white...
    Wishing you an inspiring week ahead!



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