The Christmas Tree Is Up...Finally.


Here she stands...before all the garp is on. A pretty little thing..
skinny enough this year to be front and center in
the picture window.

TAA -DAA...Here she is decked out in all her glory.
Yup, went a little skimpy this year. After last years tree I thought a little less would be acceptable.
A very simple Red & White thing going on...with plain white twinkle lights.

I picked up all the ornaments this year way before Christmas....all in sweet gingham from the 50's & 60's.

Sooo adorable! This plane is my favorite!

But the train is cute as well...

And I'm partial to the cute little fan....

And this little guy! HOW CUTE is he??

And what tree would be complete without it's angel'sss....yes I have 3.
I figure the more the better.

Thanks for stopping by...and for the wonderful comments & emails you send.
I'm blessed to have you. :)

I hope your decorating is going well. I'll add more pics as I finish up the house.
Honestly...the stuff lays around for a few weeks till I get the gumption to find a place for it. LOL
I use to love hate to say it.. but I find it a chore.

Oh well...maybe a little snow would help. None yet...but a couple inches are expected tonight.
That's what the 'ol weather man says...HA...don't trust the weather man. He's always wrong.

I'm off to bake some banana bread. Maybe a little Christmas music will put me in the mood.
I'll keep you posted.

Much Love!

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