Texture Tuesday with Kim - Color Pop!


Gotta get me some color!
Texture Tuesday today is all about a color pop...and boy am I in need of one!
The ground is white & it's snowing yet again...so using color this week makes my heart smile.
The darlin' fabric is from an old sheet I've carried with me since I left home at 17...many moon's ago.
It was once an old bed sheet. I LOVE the colors...and just think, these fabrics are SO in
with the younger crowd these days.LOL
The pretty shaker's are glass & because the tops are so degraded now..they are just hutch pretties.
I love Daisies... and Peonies...both have equal love. :)
Hubby was such a darling and brought the flowers home yesterday.
This pic was a simple one this week...just one layer of Kim's '-45' texture..
used on overlay at 100%. A soft light brush at 15% was used to lighten up the front Daisy.
That's it..simple. Hope it makes your heart warm.
Love you all and as always...THANK YOU for visiting & commenting!!


  1. I am a empty nester too.. I love this image you have done today -- it pops out at me - I love those colors..

  2. Lovely photo, great pop of color !
    That fabric is really beautiful !
    Nice week,

  3. What a nice photo and since orange is my favorite pop of color it's make my evening.
    Thanks ;-)

  4. Oh I remember that print of sheets!! :) Lovely!

  5. I love the orange in your photo - all the colors here make me smile. I think they are just happy colors making you feel good. Lovely!

  6. Charming farmhouse-style photo! Love the processing!



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