Texture Tuesday - L O V E


Oh glorious glory day Mr sunshine has found his way home. We finally waved Mr gloomy
goodbye this morning and have since been chatting over a nice hot cup of coffee. :)

Today is Texture Tuesday over at Kim's...I've spent all week racking my brain as to what I would share
for the 'love' theme this week. 
ooohhh...I could share a pic of hubby..if only he would change out of his Mr Grinch 

After 2 pots of coffee yesterday, and dealing with the gloomiest day ever an idea began to emerge... 
Yes..oh YES! It would be perfect for the love theme!
the pretty little bluebird coasters had been made by my mother in law for my birthday
24 year's ago. They had long been forgotten until last week  the clever idea filled my head
and I busied myself cleaning out the dark crevices of our dining room buffet.
Years upon years of stuff had been shoved haphazardly into every spot of space
but way in the back under the stacks of school papers, wrapping paper, deviled egg platter (oh, there you are..) huge 3D map of a working volcano son made in 6th grade..and finally a smashed open box 
of Kleenex...the pretty thing was. 
 Oh what a beauty, why did I ever put it away...
I presented it to hubby and showed him how wonderful it was at holding his can of pop.
Once I told him his mother had made it..the funny squinty eye look was replaced with tears a smile & a nod.

Little pretty now sits proudly on hubby's side table next to his well read 'hot rod' magazine and
I swear.. I can see that little blue bird's chest puff up just a little more every time hubby
pulls out a coaster to use. :)


This picture says it all. Her name is Tracy...she was born in the bottom drawer of my dresser 
Her brother's & sister have long since found happy homes..but I just couldn't
part with sweet little Tracy. That unconditional pet love is  unlike any other. :)
I hope you enjoy the pictures this week.
Happy Valentines day to you my chickies!
much love,

FYI- bluebird picture layered soft light 100% with Kim's sybil texture.
Tracy picture layered soft light 100% with Kim's edith texture with a brush used to clean the face.

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  1. What a touching post! Love the line about your hubby and his jamz! Too funny! And how he melted when you told him about your project. Art has a way into your he*Art! Beautiful kitty. LOVE both your images :)



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