Chicken Update - Almost Spring


'I'm having a bad hair day'
This year we are once again replenishing our hen house. The past 2 years have been really hard on our girl count.
We lost many to fox, dogs and 1 crazy ass hawk.....
 that actually would fly into the hen house &
take them straight off the nests.
Out of 45 hens I have 11 remaining...and 1 mean 'as the dickens' rooster.

We actually found him one evening after returning home rather late(with the henhouse still open)
Laying in the field...not moving. Thought he was dead...his feather's were all over the yard, but as soon as I touched him, he jumped up...a little wobble..and stood in fight mode. 
The best we can figure is he was fighting with whatever it was that took 1 of the girls that night.
He's tough as nails and STILL keeps going .LOL

Jorge -or George ..the English name
He's a 5 year old Americana breed...
Below we have my half breed Lucy(on the left)..she was sold as a full blood Rhode Island Red, But as you can see she has 1 yellow leg, and 1 green leg. She also has 1 golden eye and 1 brown eye.
Oh..look..your getting that 'what cha got for me' look.
Lucy also believes she's a rooster & actually crows. Sometimes better then our rooster. :)
She's also 5 year's old & our last Rhode Island Red.

She lays extra large brown spotted eggs.
The little girl next to her is a Partridge of the prettiest breeds I've had.
A bit flighty...but a constant layer of light tan eggs.

Here's Rebecca once again..on the Americana. My favorite little gal. She lays the most beautiful
baby blue eggs. Her sister on the right is our last Delaware. A very outspoken
bird..nosy and gentle. She lays large brown egg.

So, along with the 50 chicks I'm getting...I'm also keeping my finger's crossed that we hatch some of our own.

This little Black Australorps has been sitting on 7 eggs for almost 3 weeks now.
She seems very content & has been quite persistent on egg rolling & sitting.
Ofcourse she has eggs from her sisters under if they do hatch, the breeds should be quite interesting to see.
Anyway...the Australops are really my favorite birds.. they are so beautiful with their shiny jet black feathers...that glistens with green highlights in the sun. Bright red waddle & comb...gentle.. broody..and a constant layer of light tan eggs.

The babies get picked up tomorrow I'll take pics & introduce you to them in a few days.
I'll also share the breeds and hatchery we always use.
a little fyi..
Martha Stewart gets her birds from there as well. :)

Much love,


  1. Aren't they all beautiful and love the spirit of your rooster ;-)



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