Baby Chickens Are Growing Big..


Hello dearies...

I thought you might like to see my babies as teenagers...

We have a few roosters.....they were surprises because I paid for hens. :)

This beautiful girl is Betsy...

The girls think of my cat Ben as one of their own...a chicken..and follows him around the farm.
Ben tolerates this very well...but for only so long...

This little sweetie is a Polish Hen..

Here is the Polish rooster..

These 2 are my 'old girls' at 6 years old...and both still lay..

My handsome 6 year old Americana Rooster

Here are just a few...I hope you enjoy them..

Much love,

 photo 1429903118555516120713_zpsf80b110f.png

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Happy Sunday chickies! I know today should be 'Silent  Sunday' so I will chat no longer and just let you enjoy the pics. There are alot of them, so please forgive me.

I also need to apologize that I do not know where they came from originally. They have been in my 'LOVE LOVE' file for awhile. If they belong to you please let me know and I will add your link. :)

Have a wonderful day dear ones!
Much love,
 photo 1429903118555516120713_zpsf80b110f.png

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