Happy New Year! Lets Play 'Catch Up'


Happy New Year!
 The weather has been so darn cold here in Iowa...I can not remember a year that has been this cold.
As I write this we are once again under weather alerts...with below 0* temps and more snow on the way.
Makes for wonderful snow machining and skiing...but for me, I prefer to hibernate.
Gives me a good reason to NOT shave my legs. LOL

So, I thought I'd get a little caught up with all the going ons here on the farm..

First, hubby brought home the little darlin' you see up top. Her name is 'Rosie'
ugly as sin...but we love her. 

Who ya lookin' at...

'No Mama, I am not eating these delicious flowers. Promise!!'

We get the Wonderful news that our middle daughter is expecting...
In July! Woohoo....a grandbaby maybe on my birthday.
Cross fingers.

We had the best Thanksgiving ever! I was thankful for our kids....Oldest daughter, her hubby and ofcourse...our grandson above.

Yup...crazy 6 year old....he did this in every picture. LOL

Hubby and I also celebrated our 25th anniversary in October. We decided to drive up the Mississippi river
to the apple orchards in Wisconsin. 
It was just beautiful...we had such a fun time...tons of pictures and just as many laughs.

We saw this crazy goat. I took a few pics of her and I swear, when she realized she was being photographed, she started smiling! We were laughing so hard....

We also bothered the goat's friend....Miss horse.. who absolutely had NO time for us.  

After hitting the apple orchard, we decided to drive home down the otherside of the river.

Just so beautiful...even in late October. We promised each other we'd go up when the leaves were just starting to change.

We stopped off a tiny inlet and just took it all in. It was so peaceful...we could hear the swan's that were migrating....they were all over the river. There were eagles and so many different breeds of ducks.

We found a fab dinner house on the way.... had an outstanding meal.... made some new friends over drinks and arrived home safe and sound around 11:30 in the evening.

That's about it in a nutshell. 
Hope you all have a wonderful new year!

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