A Garden Makeover


Today I'm feeling Spring in the air! So in honor of Spring. we are going to tour this super cute garden makeover....the before and after.

An outdated entry way. The weeping cherry is outgrowing its spot and becoming a maintenance issue. The home owners original intent was to screen the view of parked cars in the driveway while sitting on the front porch.



Gone are the globe arborvitae that were unattractive in front of the porch. This opens up opportunities for new plantings.

After plants were removed everything was rototilled and the soil amended with compost.

Framing in the new arbor. Using mahogany for the trim.

A basin is installed for the urn fountain. A Japanese snowball tree replaces the weeping cherry.

An obelisk with vines and a climbing rose were unsuccessful at hiding the septic vent pipe. We can fix that.

A faux rock will hide the pipe instead. 

A ceramic urn is fitted with a recirculating pump. The top has a wire basket filled with aquatic plants. The fountain head is threaded right through the basket. River rock is placed at the base to give the water a place to splash down into the reservoir. Screen is used over the basin to keep mulch out.

The garden right after planting..

The garden shown a year later..

I love this garden...it is something easy that anybody can do.

I hope you've enjoyed it.

Much Love,

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  1. I love the makeover and how the finished garden looked. Seeing the before photos, it kind of made me feel like this was some sort of introduction to an abandoned haunted house in a horror movie. But then after the makeover, the place just looked so polished and clean that it seems as though somebody actually lived in it. Good job. :)
    Al Perreault

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