Hello friends! I'm so sorry for being MIA...but this Winter has been so darn long!
To cold....to much snow....just plain ICK! I have not had the bloody ambition to do anything. I've been in hibernation all Winter...and now it's SPRING!!

Or...so they say.

The fist official day of Spring started out with 2" of new snow.

I was not the only one that wasn't feeling very Springish....

This little guy was thinking about moving South....for good.

He's thinking about taking the whole family with him.....only because someone forgot to fill the bird feeder.
Silly man.

Ok...I admit it...it was a very pretty morning.

It did bring along this quiet stillness that seemed to withstand time.

There was no breeze....just calm. I stood with the camera to my eye...not wanting to move...afraid
that if I did that magical moment would be broken.

I stood for quite awhile snapping photos....I wanted to capture that beautiful stillness before it was gone

I'm so happy I did. Later that afternoon it all vanished as the temps climbed to 50*
What a beautiful start to Spring!
Much Love,

 photo 1429903118555516120713_zpsf80b110f.png

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