May Is For Gardening


Happy May Day my friends.
49* here today....far from the warm temps that we should be having.
So instead of gardening outdoors, I find myself daydreaming
of beautiful gardens. ( GOOD THING about bugs, dead flowers or weeds).
Doing so has lite a light bulb over my head. Yes, it has taken this long....
I love gardens with flowers...BUT I found that I am more of a texture person then a color person.
I don't know why this should surprise me....I'm a texture lover in my home, so why wouldn't I love 
just that in the great outdoors. 

It's not just the texture that I lust for....I find myself drawn to the many shapes of green. Yes, I said shapes...
So yet another AH HA moment for me. I do love me some color....but am more drawn to
the simplicity of taking 1 color...and having many shades of  it. 
The photo above is exactly what I'm talking about.

I love all the texture!! It really is more prominent when the colors of the the plants
are kept simple.

I also love it a bit more contained.....the row of hedges.....the line of hostas in the background. 
They make the mix mash of plants look a little more controlled.

Yes I can still have my color....but see how relaxing it is to look at when you combine the green with 
just 1 or 2 colors.....but still use the many shades of that color.

This I realized last year with my container plants. It happened quite by accident really...I
was a little late in the assortment at the store
was very limited. I chose flowers in pinks with a touch of ZING in the green of the potato plant and the soft blue of Lobelia.
There were petunia's, Sun Impatient's, and Verbena..all pink..and as the planters filled out...the color was extraordinary!

Some of you are probably screaming at the screen that 'DUH' knew this...but I am old school, and have always planted in color'S'.
Each container always had yellow, blue and pink with a shot of white. Pretty...but sometimes I felt they were
a little overpowering. I mean BAM...loads of color in your face.  
So, to watch these planters come into their own last year was very enjoyable and yes, a learning
experience for me.

I began this post talking about texture...and yes, it is super important in the garden.
It's like putting the couch, chair, and a rug in your living room..with nothing else.
And the same happens when all you have in your garden is flowers.
You need the finishing touches...

It's the fun stuff...and it doesn't have to be just the objects you add...

You can get texture with your plantings...spiky, round....and don't forget levels....tall plants or trees
mixed with the shorter ground covers.

Break the rules....I never keep my shortest plants in the front. I have some tall right in front...and even some ground covers towards the back. 
Just like the picture keeps the garden interesting.

Who says that a pretty garden has to be loads of work in upkeep.....look at the picture above.
Beautiful plantings....mixed textures and heights...all green but many shades of it used.
And just a few objects added for contrast...but each item is a show stopper on it's own.
Even the gate is a shade of green. Nothing jarring....just simple and very pretty.

So get out there and switch things up....add some new plants...some pretty objects....but most importantly,
Have Fun!

As for me...I will be moving a bunch of plants around this year.....

and I will definitely be adding a few of these...

and maybe one of these. :)

Happy gardening dear ones.
Much love,
 photo 1429903118555516120713_zpsf80b110f.png


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